Champagne Vs. Prosecco: What's the Difference?

They're both sparkling wines, but they have some big differences.

There Might Be A Wine Shortage This Year

It's expected to be a 50-year low.

You Can Now Turn Water into Prosecco

We know what we're getting everyone for Christmas ...

Wine by Beach
The Scary Reason Tourists Are Blacking Out Abroad
The U.S. State Department has officially issued a warning to travele…
10 Rosé Wine Dessert Recipes to Try This Summer
When the bottled version is no longer making the cut, opt for these …
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40 oz of rose wine
You Can Drink Your Rosé Out of a Forty This Summer

What it lacks in sophistication, it makes us for in practicality.

Rejoice: Zima Is Officially Making a Comeback

If you drank Zima in the '90s, this news will make your night.

All the Ways Champagne Is Good for You, Courtesy of Science

As if you needed another excuse to drink it this holiday season.

The Scary New Link Between White Wine and Skin Cancer

A new study shows that drinking white wine specifically increases your risk of melanoma.

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You're Drinking Champagne All Wrong

But don't worry, we've got the fix for you.

Rejoice: Diet Prosecco Is a Thing

Concerns over sugar consumption has sparked the demand for skinny fizz.

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Keurig Fans, We Have Some Sad News

You might want to start hoarding pods while you can.


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