Baby Names

These Are the Baby Names Grandparents Hate

Hmm ... we have some mixed thoughts about this.

Paint Colors That Could Double as Baby Names

Is "Calluna" not the cutest name?

trendiest baby names of summer 2016
These Are the Trendiest Baby Names of the Summer

Lots of parents are turning to an unlikely source for inspiration.

13 Short (and Sweet) Baby Names With 3 Letters or...

Expecting parents with long last names, rejoice.

Boy and girl babies sitting on rug
The 20 Most Popular Baby Names of Last Year

The official Social Security Administration list has arrived.

24 Food-Inspired Baby Names That Are Actually Cool

And some are surprisingly more common than you'd think.

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Baby on rug
Here Are the Most Popular Baby Names of 2016 (So Far)

A new girl is about to rule the school.

Baby with purple flower headband
These Baby Names Are About to Take Over in 2016

Gender-neutral monikers (and a surprise from Sweden!) are trending big time.

15 Popular Baby Names That Surprisingly Crossed Gender Lines

Male or female? These monikers will always keep us guessing.

11 Classic Baby Names That Are Ready for a Comeback

Get ahead of the curve and avoid another Emma or Jack on the playground.

People Are Giving Their Babies and Their Pets the Same Name

The trend is more "dogs named Sophia" than "babies named Fido."

Blonde baby with gray background
These Are the Most Popular Baby Names of 2015

Teachers, take note: You're going to be meeting a lot of Emmas soon enough.

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