Tiffany & Co. Blue Box Cafe


Now You Can Actually Have Breakfast at Tiffany's

Tiffany & Co.'s new cafe looks AMAZING.

dinner party table setting
This Is The Exact Time to Leave a Dinner Party

Don't be *that* guest.

the difference between dinner and supper
What's the Difference Between Dinner and Supper?

The two terms are actually NOT interchangeable.

Celebrity Chefs Reveal The Foods They Cannot Stand

Alton Brown has some explaining to do.

whole foods lower prices
Whole Foods Is Finally Going to Lower Its Prices

That "Whole Paycheck" reputation might finally fade away.

These Are Going to Be the Al Fresco Dining Trends This Summer

5 easy ways to kick your outdoor dinner party up a notch.

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Lucille Ball's Sweet Apple John Recipe Will Make You Love Her Even More

The TV legend's go-to dessert is surprisingly easy to make.

9 Valentine's Day Food Gifts Everyone Secretly Hates

Conversation hearts = basically chalk.

Chocolate Cheese Is a Thing Now

Two of life's greatest pleasures have finally come together.

corned beef luncheon salad, great depression recipe
This Popular Great Depression Recipe Would Be Inedible by Today's Standards

The ingredients in Corned Beef Luncheon Salad might make your stomach turn.

scientists created tomatoes that do not get mushy
Scientists Have Created Tomatoes That Don't Get Mushy

Prepare for the best BLTs of your life.

property brothers what jonathan scott eats
What "Property Brothers" Star Jonathan Scott Actually Eats in a Day

"My plan is to one day be fat and happy."

sweet potato toast
The Sweet Potato Toast Trend Will Change the Way You Eat Breakfast

No, the sweet potato does not go on top of the toast, either.

Our Favorite Moments in Kitchen Innovation From the Past 120 Years

Believe it or not, there was a time when toasters only worked on one side of the bread.

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Here's the Easiest Way to Grow Tomato Seedlings

It's basically like getting a free seedling (or fifty!).

Which Is Cheaper: Whole Foods or Safeway?

Find out how prices of 30 popular items compare at these two grocery stores.

10 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

These items are better off on your counter or in the pantry.

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IKEA Takes "Bed and Breakfast" to a Literal Place
The Swedish furniture giant is introducing a very intimate pop-up restaurant.
13 Sweet Lemon Treats for Your Springtime Celebrations

Craving a little citrus? Whip up one of these tasty recipes.

16 Recipes That Prove Raspberries and Chocolate Are A Match Made In Heaven
Looking for an elegant dessert for your next dinner party? Here's 16 perfect raspberry-chocolate dishes.