IKEA Is Launching Smart Window Treatments

But there's a slight catch.

Ikea table
This Retro IKEA Table Could Be Worth A Fortune

You can buy the '50s-style design for under $60.

Watch an Ikea Bowl Start a Fire All on Its Own

The smooth design can heat things up.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Made From Recycled Materials

Now you can feel extra good about your chic kitchen.

ikea baby gate recall
IKEA Recalls Safety Gates That Could Injure Kids

Some children's falls have required medical attention.

cheap home improvement tricks
7 Inexpensive Tricks That Made My Home Look Amazing

With four kids, my decorating budget was spread (very) thin.

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ikea dishwasher recall
IKEA Issues Huge Dishwasher Recall Over a Quality Defect

Luckily, the retailer can fix the problem.

ikea exploding cabinet
Mom Calls For Product Recall After IKEA Cabinet Explodes Near Her Baby

Doctors agree the incident could have blinded her 14-week-old son.

IKEA's New Brazil-Inspired Line Is as Bold as You'd Expect

The collection mixes pattern and color with a dash of Scandinavian minimalism. 

10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About IKEA

For instance, the name of the store isn't actually a Swedish word.

IKEA Will Give $180,000 in Furniture to Syrian Refugees Entering Canada

Because "home is the most important place in the world."

Ikea Is Helping Provide Temporary Homes for Syrian Refugees
"This is just a tiny part of humanitarian aid, but it's an important one when it comes to allowing displaced people to live with dignit…
Everyone Thinks Harry Styles Wore IKEA Bedding to the American Music Awards

We must say, we're digging the full-on floral suit!

tinder ikea photos
These Friends Staged a Silly Photoshoot at IKEA for Their Online Dating Profiles

You did say you wanted a guy with a sense of humor, ladies.

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7 Things We'd Love to See Ikea Sell Next

Candy is nice, but not offering on-site Swedish massage just seems like a missed opportunity.

IKEA Takes "Bed and Breakfast" to a Literal Place
The Swedish furniture giant is introducing a very intimate pop-up restaurant.
IKEA Can HELP Your Relationship — Not Ruin It
That tricky-to-assemble furniture is a tool in one expert's couples counseling.
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5 Reasons to Get Excited for Denmark's Answer to Ikea

Coming to the U.S. in May, this new home store is a dream source for cheap and cheerful finds.

IKEA's New Furniture Will Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly
The Swedish furniture giant just announced a new line of products that will keep smartphones powered up without plugs or wires.
Before & After: Hide an Ugly Wall AC

Disguise an eyesore and reclaim some storage space, too.

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