Pets Displaced by Hurricane Could Be Euthanized
A new petition is calling for a 30-day hold at Houston-area shelters…
Talking to Pets Is a Sign of Intelligence

We can't wait to tell our dogs the good news!

These Bridesmaids Held Puppies Instead of Bouquets
This couple hoped their wedding photos would help the pups get adopt…
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A Company Is Offering New Dog Owners a Week Off to Care for Their Pets

Here's hoping "paw-ternity" leave becomes a new workplace trend.

5 Secrets to Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Yes, you can have a pet without sacrificing style.

dog says mama before toddler
Parents Try to Get Toddler to Say "Mama," But Brilliant Dog Says It First

You've got some pretty big paws to fill, little guy.

pumi new dog breed
Meet the Newest Dog Breed Recognized By the AKC

The American Kennel Club just couldn't resist that face.

The Real Reason Your Cat Scratches All Your Furniture

And how to get her to stop once and for all.

Your Dog Hates Hugs, According to Experts

Those warm embraces might be seriously stressing your dog out.

Do You Live in One of the Country's Most Dog-Friendly Cities?

If not, your dog wants you to move to here, stat. 

Dachshund at veterinarian
A Fast-Spreading Form of Dog Flu Has Hit at Least 26 States

Here's what you need to know to protect your pup.

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12 Common Plants That Can Be Deadly for Pets

Nearly a quarter of all non-drug pet poisoning incidents are caused by plants.

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9 Cats That Are Super Into Cleaning

He totally thinks he's better at this than you.

Golden Retriever Groceries Dog Pet Animal Video
These Genius Dogs Really Help Out When Their Owner Brings Home Groceries

They certainly put the "retriever" in golden retriever!

8 Clever (and Cute!) Ways to Disguise a Litter Box

These feline necessities went from eyesore to decor.

This Family Spent $37,000 on a Kitchen Remodel to Stop Their Food-Obsessed Dog

Their lab, Rollo, even figured out how to open the fridge door.

These Are Not Your Average Bird Feeders
Indulge your feathered friends with an elevated aesthetic.
17 Things People Who Own Dogs Can't Have
Give 'em a chew toy, they take your whole house.
27 Things You Can't Have If You Own a Cat

You've got 99 problems and your cat is the cause of all of them.

7 Ways to Dress Up an Ordinary Dog Crate
Upgrade Fido's quarters with a slipcover that matches his personality.
Jane Lynch Talks Decorating for Dog Owners
The comedian says she buys things she loves, but doesn't worry if they get chewed.
pet parlor concept
Every Dog Owner's Dream
For man's best friend, only the best will do.
The Best Gifts For Your Pets
Don't leave your furry friend out of the holiday fun. Here are 17 gifts that will make your pet go wild.
c wonder dog print bowls
10 Ultra-Stylish Dog Bowls
Swap out your plain metal bowl.