Tiny home

The Bidding for This Tiny Home Starts at $1

The inside is absolutely gorgeous.

sCarabane Camper Unfolds Into Tiny House

Just wait until you see inside!

Survey Reveals That People Regret Their Tiny House

Turns out, homeowners actually prefer having some space.

This 150-Square-Foot Apartment Is Going Viral
"This was the first place I found on Craigslist that wasn't a scam."…
what it's really like to live in a tiny house
15 Tiny House Owners on Living in a Small Space

If you think pet hair builds up quickly in your house...

This Is the Most Luxurious Tiny House We’ve Ever Seen

And if that's not impressive, wait until you see the farmhouse kitchen.

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oregon tiny house storage space
This Tiny House Has Storage Space Like You Wouldn't Believe

And endless organization possibilities.

tiny home
A Home That's 1,000-Square-Feet of Impeccable Style

It will make you want to downsize ASAP.

tiny houses
Inside a Tiny House That Actually Has Room for Guests

The 184-square-foot space boasts two bedrooms — but we're in love with the windows.

tiny houses
This Tiny Home Is Much Roomier Than You Think

One of its (many) luxe features would be perfect for at-home happy hours. 

This Tiny Canadian Cabin Makes Room for a Super Cozy Fireplace

Plus, the place supports a very important mission.

This Is the Happiest Tiny House We've Ever Seen
This house will make you believe in love at first sight.

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