Tiny house

25 Vintage Train Cars You Can Rent On Airbnb

One even housed two U.S. presidents.

This Food Truck Turned Tiny Home Is SO Cute

Talk about finding your happy place.

$33,000 house built in 6 hours
This $33,000 House Can Be Built in 6 Hours

It's incredible to see it come to life.

The Bidding for This Tiny Home Starts at $1

The inside is absolutely gorgeous.

sCarabane Camper Unfolds Into Tiny House

Just wait until you see inside!

People Are Seriously Regretting Buying Tiny Houses

Turns out, homeowners actually prefer having some space.

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This "Baby Boomer" Trailer Is the Cutest Tiny Home

And it's for sale!

airstream basecamp, mini trailer
Airstream Just Introduced a Miniature Version of Its Iconic Silver Trailers

Meet the Basecamp, a.k.a. the company's idea of a tiny house.

tiny houses are a waste of money
Buying a Tiny House Is a Really Bad Idea, Finance Expert Says

Sorry, tiny house fans: This pro says you should spend your money more wisely.

what it's really like to live in a tiny house
15 Tiny House Residents Reveal What It's Really Like Living in Such a Small Space

If you think pet hair builds up quickly in your house...

oregon tiny house storage space
This Tiny House Has Storage Space Like You Wouldn't Believe

And endless organization possibilities.

tiny english cottage exterior
The Quaint English Cottage of Your Dreams Costs More Than $1 Million

It's tiny and modest, but there's a reason why it's worth so much.

seoul tiny parks
First We Had Tiny Homes, Now We Have Tiny Parks

Because outdoor space is limited too.

tiny houses
Inside a Tiny House That Actually Has Room for Guests

The 184-square-foot space boasts two bedrooms — but we're in love with the windows.

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Living Smartly in 362 Square Feet

Steal these tricks for finding space you didn't know you had.

This Grain Silo Is Now a Cozy House

Built in the 1940s, it was a tiny space full of possibilities.

This Tiny House Used to Be a Shabby One-Car Garage

Take a peek inside this cozy escape.

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You Won't Believe What This Charming Tiny House Used to Be

The 88-square-foot space was once dedicated to one specific chore. 

Tiny vacation house in the Hamptons
This Tiny House Will Change the Way You Vacation

Who needs the extra space when you can enjoy one of America's best beach destinations?

This Tiny House Comes With a Tiny Elevator for a Tiny Corgi

Talk about living large — while living small.


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