30 Family Rooms We Want To Relax In All Day Long

Lazy days for days.

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When you need a spot to relax, your family room is the go-to. But just because it's casual, doesn't mean it can't look amaze. These rooms will give you all the inspo you need to live your coziest and chicest life all at once. Then once you've got that on lock, up your living room's game too with even more decorating ideas.

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Courtesy of A House In The Hills
A Legit Oasis

Tons of natural light? Flowing curtains? Potted plants for days? Check, check, and check.

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Courtesy of Old Brand New
The Bolder, The Better

Too outrageous? No such thing. If you don't want to overpower your room, paint only one wall and leave the rest white.

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Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt
Add Textiles

What's cozier than sheepskin throws? Literally nothing.

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Courtesy of Veneer Designs
Tile Your Wall

Not only are we obsessed with this tiled wall, but the inlaid TV is borderline genius. Finally—a way to have your binge-watching and your chic family room, too.

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Courtesy of A House In The Hills
Pom Pom Perfection

Up the cozy factor in your family room in a major way by adding pom poms to your wall. Keep them a neutral color so they look cool, not babyish.

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Courtesy of Veneer Designs
Oversized Art

Never thought we'd say this, but apples are so hot for family rooms right now. Make a simple wall a little more exciting with oversized art work.

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Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt
Consider Black

A black tiled fireplace helps ground an otherwise light and airy room. For max impact, tile all the way from the floor to ceiling.

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Courtesy of Zeke Ruelas for Emily Henderson Designs
Modern Meets Boho

A little bit modern, a little bit boho. What's not to love?

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Courtesy of Nicole Franzen
Cool Minimalist

Whoever said minimalism can't be cozy was seriously disturbed. Mix neutrals to add some warmth.

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Zeke Ruelas; DESIGN: Emily Henderson
Try Alternative Seating

Hammock chairs are super trendy right now, and they also make a family room seem extra cozy. Add a sheepskin throw and pillow and you're set.

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Courtesy of The Faux Martha
Scandinavian Chic

This insanely cozy family room will have you wishing for winter. We're so here for the plaid throw.

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Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt
Light & Airy

If you've got a wall of windows, you're golden. Keep your furniture simple and it's good vibes all day, every day.

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Courtesy of Rip & Tan
Ranch It Up

Stone tiles with animal paintings and etchings add a ranch vibe to a living room. Decorate with woods and natural textures to keep the theme going.

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Jeff Lincoln Living Room
Jonny Valiant
Lighting on Lighting

Mi a geometric chandelier, plaster sconces, and 1940s French lamps creates a tiered illumination in this Florida living room. It helps illuminate the gold accents in the room.

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justina blakeney jungalow lounge bluhemia
David Tsay

This Moroccan-inspired lounge is full of color thanks to teal wallpaper, a blue sofa, and colorful pillows. Wood furniture helps ground the space.

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James Merrell
Coastal Cool

This upstairs sitting room already benefits from insane water views, so the decor plays up the seaside location. Soft blues and whites feel coastal, but not kitschy.

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Celerie Kemble Family Room
Christopher Sturman
Layer Your Rugs

This den feels extra inviting thanks to layers on layers of rugs. The floor is covered in 10 different vintage Moroccan rugs that create an enveloping vibe.

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Paul Raeside
Iridescent fabric

A modern Hamptons retreat's custom ottoman is covered in an iridescent leather. When the natural light comes in, it bounces of it.

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Stephen Kent Johnson
Classic Navy

In a historic New England home, grass cloth covers the family room's walls and navy trim complements a vintage sofa upholstered in an indigo fabric. Leather poufs add a modern touch to the traditional space.

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Victoria Pearson
Game Day Goals

This family room is sports central thanks to comfy sofas facing an enormous flat-screen television. The leather ottoman is tough enough to handle football fans with their feet up.

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Julien Capmeil
Install A Secret Door

All the blues in this Atlanta house started with the vivid fabric on the family room sofa. But the best part? A bookshelf conceals a door to the back stairs.

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george smith leather ottoman
Amy Neunsinger
Built-ins FTW!

This West Hollywood house feels casual and comfortable thanks to tons of throw pillows and informal furnishings. The built-in bookshelves help make the nook feel even cozier.

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family room
Eric Piasecki
Tons Of Natural Light

This family room feels peaceful thanks to abundant natural light. Beige furniture and curtains add some warmth.

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quadrille persepolis
James Merrell
Pattern Play

In the family room of a Greenwich, Connecticut, house, the walls and sectional were covered in the same fabric. It gives the space life and makes it feel more fun.

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pale blue family room
James Merrell
Statement Fireplace

A large-scale stone fireplace is the focal point of this Greenwich, Connecticut, living room. The rest of the room is neutral so nothing overpowers it.

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blue velvet sectional
Roland Bello
Go Bold With Your Sofa

A blue velvet sofa stands out in the family room of a Manhattan apartment. The wallpaper is hung horizontally rather than vertical for a modern look.

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Karyn R. Millet

In a Los Angeles house, the family room is a natural extension of the kitchen. Table settings help add in color.

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Pieter Estersohn
Shades of Gray

A sectional in linen velour anchors the family room in a Maryland living room. Pink accent chairs help make sure all the gray doesn't feel too dull.

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Jeremy Samuelson
All The Texture

This simple sample family incorporates tons of texture, from the rug, to the shades, to the sofa. It's also proof that even if you don't live by the coast, blue and white is a go-to color combo.

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Julian Wass
Take Your Curtains Sheer

This family room has a serene feel thanks comfortable seating, cashmere pillows, and sheer curtains. If you don't have a lot of natural light, stay away from heavy drapery.

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