Design Inspiration

Industrial chic bathroom 30 Unique Bathroom Ideas to Steal

Boring isn't in our vocabulary.

image 51 Insanely Chic Kitchen Backsplashes

Most colorful kitchen ever!

image 25 Cool Kids' Rooms You'll Wish Were Yours

How old is too old for a chalkboard wall? Asking for a friend.

image 11 Totally Sexy Black Kitchens

Cross over to the dark side.

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image 10 Incredible Decks That'll Inspire Your Backyard Reno

You might not have been planning a reno, but you are now.

image The Most Ingenious Things To Do With A Non-Working Fireplace

We're feeling really fired up about these.

Emily Henderson's Portland House Reveal Here's Where To Find The Amazing Tree Joanna Gaines Is Obsessed With

Further confirmation that no one scores a find like Emily Henderson.

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image 20 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Door For Fall

Yes there's wreaths, but we've got a few other ideas.

image Everything You Need To Know About Mid-Century Modern Design

It's so much more than "that furniture from Mad Men."

Justina Blakeney Jungalow Style Here's Exactly How To Master Jungalow Style

Make your home feel like a vacation you never have to leave.

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Hilary Duff And Luca Everybody's Asking About Hilary Duff's Epic Leather Sofa — Here's Where To Get It

It's vintage, but that's the only thing that's "So Yesterday" about it.

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image You Won't Believe How Many Rooms Are In This Tiny House

There are so many smart takeaways to steal here.

Fifty Shades of Grey Penthouse The Real "Fifty Shades of Grey" Apartment Has Sexy Written All Over It

Yes, it even comes with those famous floor-to-ceiling windows.

image Shelley Johnstone Paschke Gallery

Shelley Johnstone Paschke Gallery

image The 10 Design Influencers You Need To Know About

Some new faces (and room inspo!) for your feed.

Russell and Kailey Dickerson Here's What It's Really Like Living On A Tour Bus

Imagine a tiny house — that you share with 11 other people.

Joanna Gaines There's An Empowering Song Behind Joanna Gaines's "Made Ready" Mantra

It's hard to listen to it without getting pumped.

image You'd Never Guess This Apartment Is Just 750 Square Feet

Borrow these space-saving ideas ASAP.

image Mark D. Sikes Montecito House Tour Gallery

Tour a Montecito vacation home designed by Mark D. Sikes.

House Hunters A Realtor Has Revealed Exactly What It’s Like To Film 'House Hunters'

You can’t wear a necklace for a surprising reason.

Kylie Jenner's Purse Closet Kylie Jenner Has An Entire Closet Just For Purses — And It's Epic

The contents of one shelf might be more than your salary.

image This Lake Michigan House Was Built With Summertime In Mind

Get ready for nautical stripes, shiplap ceilings and painted floors galore.

Anthony Bourdain NYC Apartment Anthony Bourdain's NYC Apartment Is On The Market

It's a stunning space for a TV icon.

Los Angeles Exteriors And Landmarks - 2018 HGTV Paid Almost Double The Asking Price To Snag The Brady Bunch House

Here's a story / about a network with MONEY ...

Balmoral, Scotland Inside Balmoral, the Queen's Scottish retreat

It's the monarch's favorite holiday home.