How To Get An Awesome Plaid Lawn, Like The One At The Royal Wedding

The grass is always greener on the Windsor Castle side of the fence. But not for long.

Windsor Castle Lawn During The Royal Wedding
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There was no shortage of things vying for your attention during the royal wedding on Saturday: The dress! The cake! The fascinators! The veil fail! But if you've ever been shaking mad, shouting "Lawwwn!" Wrath Of Khan-style at the yellowing, weed-ridden mass known as your front yard, you were undoubtedly fascinated by something else during the nuptials.

Namely, that so-verdant-it-looks-CGI lawn surrounding Windsor Castle, which was so festively striped into a plaid pattern. It actually looks like a pretty spot-on Buffalo Check, as one fan pointed out.

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It wasn't your eyes playing tricks on you, even if you were up drinking at 5 a.m. That's actually how the lawn looked, and yes, it is achievable by mere mortals.

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The process is known as lawn striping, and it's the very same one baseball fields use to get their crisp lines. Basically, grass is bent in different directions, so it reflects light off the blades, creating a pattern. Blades of grass bent toward you look dark, while ones bent away from you look lighter, the pros at explained. You can get the look using your lawn mower; you'll just need to buy a striping kit, and potentially, a roller (if you're really hardcore about it).

Lawn striping kit, prices vary;

Lawn Striping Kit

Lawn roller, $99;

Once the striping kit is set up, the process is pretty straightforward:

  • Start mowing parallel to your driveway or sidewalk, being careful to walk in a straight line. (Scotts recommends watching the grass 10 feet ahead of you at all times, so you're less likely to swerve.)
  • When you get to the end of the row, lift the deck of the mower as you turn it. Mow in the opposite direction.
  • Let's say you started making vertical stripes that go from the street to your front door. Once you've mowed the whole lawn, turn off the mower and move 90 degrees, so you can mow the whole lawn again, creating horizontal stripes.
    Windsor Castle Lawn During The Royal Wedding
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    To really create a dramatic pattern, you'll need the roller. It'll bend the blades of grass further. Go back over your stripes with the roller to make them stand out more.

    Before you go all out, it's worth noting two factors that'll make a huge difference in how your stripes look: your lawn's lushness and type. The thicker your grass is, the better defined the checkerboard will be, explained in a YouTube tutorial. Cool-weather grass also tends to stripe better than varieties that thrive in warmer weather (sorry, Southern friends).

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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    So, if the very thought of all that hasn't made you go, "Screw it, I'm getting AstroTurf," you're ready for a lawn fit for royalty. Just make sure those peasants the Joneses take their shoes off before walking up to your door.

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