Decoding Newell's March Notebook

Editor in chief Newell Turner explains his March Editor's Letter collage.


1. Emergen-C: Take daily when traveling and on stressful days!

2. These engraved paper coasters from the have me aching for spring to arrive.

3. A quick trip to New Orleans, scouting locations. If you're in the city for the second weekend of Jazz Fest (May 2–3), take time to visit the Miescisko Kitchen of the Year, which is being designed by San Francisco designer ! KOTY will be a part of the annual .

4. Discovery: , organic and 100% natural!

5. I'm obsessed with velvets in watery shades of blue and green. This one's called Aqua, from Boutique Velvets by Harlequin, through Zoffany.

6. From gold to amber, this hue is hot. I've been hanging on to this card from , who makes decorative accessories and tabletop goods in this timeless color.

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