Emerging Trends From the 2016 One Room Challenge

Steal the looks designers are loving during this six-week creative process.

The Pink Clutch + Waiting on Martha

Five years ago, needed motivation to finish a room in her home. Summoning the support and peer pressure from fellow home and design bloggers, the One Room Challenge™ was born. Today, the challenge takes place every April and October when a group of 20 interior design bloggers are selected to transform a space in six weeks. Lucky for us, they share the entire process on their blogs so we can follow along.

The 10th season started on April 6 and we've already noticed a few emerging trends that we can't wait to keep an eye out for this season. Take a look:

The White Color Debate

Is white really a color? The bloggers behind and are setting out to answer that age-old question with designs that will feature white walls and mostly-neutral palettes.

Waiting on Martha

St. Patrick's Day Hangover

The bloggers behind and featured lush, green velvet couches on their inspiration boards. We're preparing to lust over the results.

The Pink Clutch

Patterns Full of Personality

When it comes to patterns, and are planning on featuring graphic drapes and wallpaper that make a serious statement.

The Curated House

Since design evolves over time, we'll have to wait and see if these trends continue. Feeling inspired? You can join the fun as a . This week, we recommend you start by making a timeline for all your tasks and creating your own inspiration board. Good luck and may the design force be with you!

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