Watching These Calligraphers Work Will Soothe Your Soul

Their beautiful handwriting is incredibly mesmerizing – and the messages often poignant.

Instagram users happyhandsproj and piecescalligraphy

If you think of calligraphy as an outdated practice, think again. Modern calligraphers are taking to Instagram to show off their beautiful hand lettering (and some even give tutorials). The repetitive motions of their writing are oddly captivating — and of course, the final product is incredible. Check out some of our favorites that we've recently spied:

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A post shared by Sharisse 💜💜 Pieces Calligraphy (@piecescalligraphy) on

Calligrapher Sharisse offers tips and tutorials for brush calligraphy on Instagram and . There's something about the steady motion of her pen that has our eyes glued to the screen!

A post shared by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

This one looks straight out of a stationery store. Our thank you notes would be so much fancier if we had handwriting skills like this artist.

A post shared by Emmay Design (@emmaydesign) on

Calligraphy practice is particularly fun when you have pens for every color of the rainbow. Even rows of indistinguishable curves like these have us transfixed.

This is by far the best writing of the letter E we've ever seen (and the most complex!).

A post shared by Ksenia Skvortsova (@ksuskv505) on

We are much, much happier after watching this video. Mission accomplished.

A post shared by Courtney Kirkpatrick (@typecastcourt) on

We wish we were on the guest list just so we could get our hands on one of these invitations.

A post shared by Studio Maco (@studiomaco) on

This end-of-week sentiment is even more powerful in such beautiful lettering.

A post shared by Seb Lester (@seblester) on

Impressive calligrapher Seb Lester is known for his .

A post shared by Pauline A. Ibarra (@happyhandsproj) on

Calligrapher Pauline Ibarra reminds us that an accidental flick of the wrist can just as easily be an artful flourish — it's all how you look at it.

A post shared by ashley buzzy mchugh (@arbuzzy) on

Ashley Buzzy makes a good point which applies to everyday life — and calligraphy lessons!

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