The Next Big Trend in Tiles Is Reminiscent of a Mermaid's Grotto

Swap the subway tiles for this dreamy, ocean-inspired look.

fish scale moroccan tiles
Camilla Molders Designs

This time of year makes us long for the laid-back, natural beauty of . That's why when we spotted fish scale tiles trending on Pinterest, we quickly fell in love with the mermaid-inspired idea. A welcome departure from the, fish scale tiles feature a scalloped pattern. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, they immediately transform your space into a beachy sanctuary. We've gathered some of the that you can use in your own home:

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Bathroom: Go Subtle

In this beautiful bathroom makeover, featured on , designer Emily Henderson gave a formerly dark, gloomy space a glamorous update with white paint and soft blue fish scale tiles.

Photo: Jessica Isaac

Bathroom: Mix Multiple Shades

For a faster transformation, cover the area above your bathroom vanity in fish scale tiles in varying shades of blue and green, as seen in this example from . The combination will result in a gorgeous sea water effect.

Bathroom: Floor to Ceiling

Using this much tile in your bathroom will be a splurge, but the calming feeling of being under the sea might just be worth it.

Bathroom: Take It to the Floor

Fish scale tiles look just as elegant when installed on the floor, as seen in this makeover by . Use a dark color, like charcoal gray, to balance an all-white bathroom.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Kitchen: Mix It Up

For an extra chic look, gradually fade out the bright color by mi in white tiles, like the designers behind .


Kitchen: Keep It Classic

The trend is just as beautiful in classic white tiles, as seen in this home designed by .

Kitchen: A Better Backsplash

"Backsplashes are major opportunities to express your style and personality without breaking the bank, because they're small enough to not require a ton of material to finish them," designer Elaine Griffin told Miescisko. That's why backsplashes are the perfect opportunity to show off some fish scale tiles.

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