20+ DIY Christmas Decorations That Look So Elegant

"Oh, this old scalloped tree skirt? It's vintage."

A Beautiful Mess / Consumer Crafts

Elevate your home this holiday season with plenty of cash leftover for presents under the tree. These fancy DIY Christmas decor projects will gift you your most festive display yet.

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Easy DIY Christmas Decorations
Courtesy of The Lovely Drawer
Petite Tree

This adorable "tree" will look elegant on any surface around your home. It's simple — just find a sturdy tree branch among the fallen leaves outside, apply spray paint, set it in a small glass bottle or vase and place the desired ornaments on for taste.

What you'll need: assorted ornaments ($19, ), small vase ($1, ), white spray paint ($4, )

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Easy DIY Christmas Decorations
Courtesy of Happiness is Homemade
Plaid Holiday Pillows

In just 10 minutes, you can transform ordinary pillows into festive couch decor. A sewing machine and an inexpensive fleece blanket are the only things required to pull this off.

What you'll need: plaid blanket ($12, )

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Finding Home Farms
Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

Stuff galvanized flower buckets with fresh pine, drawn on a festive message and light it all up with twinkly lights!

What you'll need: chalk pen ($3, ), galvanized buckets ($18, ), Christmas lights ($9, )

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The Proper Blog
Reindeer Garland

Bonus points if you can name them all. You've got Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and...

What you'll need: red and white twine ($6, ), assorted brown card stock ($13, )

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A Girl and a Glue Gun
Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Simply arrange, glue and spray paint popsicle sticks for a snowy indoor wall scene.

What you'll need: popsicle sticks ($6, ), gold paint ($2, ), white paint ($5, )

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Design Love Fest
Floral Tree Wrap

If you're skeptical about replacing your traditional lights and ornaments, why not try this gorgeous floral wrap on a smaller second tree? Simply cut down silk flower stems and stick them in — the more the merrier.

What you'll need: loose silk flowers ($10, )

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Home Stories A to Z
Snowy Tree

If you want to guarantee a white Christmas, take a note from this blogger and dust your tree with . Nearly as good as the real thing.

What you'll need: polyfill batting ($8, ), antlers ($42, )

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One Project Closer
Spoon Mini Trees

This project is dominating Pinterest right now — and we can 100% see why.

What you'll need: plastic spoons ($9, ), gray spray paint ($12, )

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Midwest Living
Planter Project

Bring the outside in this holiday season. This no-cost DIY only requires that you bring flower planters into your home and fill them with shrubbery from the yard.

What you'll need: urn planter ($20, )

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A Beautiful Mess
No-Sew Tree Skirt

This simple flannel (buy fabric by the yard at a local craft store!) tree skirt, with a feminine scallop trim, is no-sew — and oh so pretty.

What you'll need: white ribbon ($10, )

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Make Them Wonder
Frozen Branches

If you've been looking for a glam DIY Christmas project, your search is over. These diamond filler willow branches are a replica of a frozen winter scene — minus the melt.

What you'll need: curly willow branches ($18, ), diamond filler ($9, ), tacky glue ($8, )

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Dimples and Tangles
Lantern Display

Fill lanterns with colorful ornaments for a warm and welcoming outdoor scene.

What you'll need: lantern ($33, ), assorted ornaments ($20, )

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Free People Blog
Indoor Camp Fire

Get the campfire experience without venturing out into the cold: Try this DIY (which requires and real branches), then light a smoky, pine-scented candle and make s'mores in the microwave.

What you'll need: lace ribbon ($13, ), Christmas lights ($9, )

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Consumer Crafts
Kissing Ball

Forget mistletoe — kissing balls are the new romantic Christmas decor object of choice. This pine and pinecone version is a perfect addition to any doorway — and requires little more than a , and greenery from your backyard.

What you'll need: foam ball ($3, ), brown ribbon ($14, )

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The Gold Jelly Bean
Bow-Tie Garland

Look no further than your pantry for this sparkly DIY garland project. Feel free to use any color of you'd like for a more personalized piece of decor.

What you'll need: gold glitter ($3, ), twine ($3, )

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Something is Done
Tartan Tree Skirt

Plaid is a Christmas staple. Classic enough to surround your tree? Absolutely. You'll need a sewing machine (and alas, sewing skills) for this festive DIY.

What you'll need: pom-pom trim ($8, )

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Lolly Jane
Christmas Card Display

If your refrigerator's surface is overflowing with family and friends' holiday notes, this card display project has your name on it. Just a heads up: This project requires chicken wire and a wood saw, so we'll leave this one for more experienced DIYers.

What you'll need: chicken wire ($9, ), wreath ($16, ), burlap ribbon ($5, )

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Love of Family and Home
Neutral Burlap Wreath

This burlap-covered styrofoam wreath project is perfect for those who enjoy rustic decor. A burst of pinecones, pine and a sparkly snowflake makes for a beautiful visual on any doorfront.

What you'll need: styrofoam wreath ($10, ), burlap ribbon ($5, ), snowflake ornament ($7, )

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Blooming Homestead
Palet Sign

You'll want to make these little signs using all of your favorite Christmas expressions. This DIY requires a few blocks of wood and the good ole set of hammer and nails — but the result is more than worth the effort.

What you'll need: white paint ($5, ), twine ($3, )

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The Sweet Escape
Birch Centerpiece

Bring a winter landscape to your Christmas tablescape — add votive candles to slabs of birch for a simple but stunning centerpiece.

What you'll need: wooden slabs ($11, ), votive candles ($13, )

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A Bubbly Life
Tinsel Twist

Mold shiny tinsel into any holiday message that ignites your Christmas spirit. Display on your tree or in any nook of your home for a bold message of holiday cheer.

What you'll need: wooden letters ($2, ), gold tinsel ($8, ), staple gun ($13, )

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Create Craft Love
Glowing Garland

Christmas lights and Christmas garlands? There's never been a better — or simpler — combination. Just tie strips of and other around a string of for a twinkly garland that's lit from within.

What you'll need: ribbon ($4, ), burlap ($5, ), Christmas lights ($9, )

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