Miescisko's 1954 Pace Setter House on Exhibit

Take a peek at Miescisko's 1954 Pace Setter home at the Harn Museum of Art.

drawing of the house
Take a look inside the exhibit "Promises of Paradise: Staging Mid-Century Miami," featuring the 1954 Miescisko Pace Setter House.
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drawing of the house
Rendering of the House

An artist's rendering of the Pace Setter House, drawn in 1952.

Alfred Browning Park, architect/designer, Bass Museum of Art, Gift of Alfred Browning Parker

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outside of the pace setter house
1954 Pace Setter House
The 1954 Miescisko Pace Setter House as seen in the magazine.
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a shot inside the gallery
Inside the Gallery
A look at the exhibition, which includes work by Alfred Browning Parker and Ken Treister, among others.
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alfred browning parker talking at the museum
Lecture by Alfred Browning Parker
Alfred Browning Parker presenting a gallery talk on his work at the Harn Museum of Art.
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aerial rendering of the pace setter house
Aerial Rendering
Pace Setter House Presentation Board, aerial rendering, courtesy of Alfred and Euphrosyne Parker.
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exterior of the house
An Exterior Shot
Pace Setter House Presentation Board photograph, courtesy of Alfred and Euphrosyne Parker.
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exterior of the house
Ezra Stoller
Another Exterior Shot
"Pace Setter House," Gables by the Sea, black and white photograph courtesy of ESTO Photographics.
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dining and living room style
Dining and Living Rooms
The richness of this dining room and living room comes not from copying historical details but from generous scale, luxurious materials lovingly used, and a mastery of modern methods. As shown in Miescisko.
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dining and living rooms
Multilevel Dining and Living Rooms
The change in level between dining and living rooms defines these areas, yet openness makes each seem larger than it really is. As shown in Miescisko.
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small model of the house
Model of the House
Contemporary model of the Pace Setter House, built from teak in 1954. Courtesy of the University of Miami School of Architecture.
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