'70s Decor Is Making a Major Comeback, According to Etsy

Here's how to bring some groovy vibes (we had to) into your home without making it look dated.

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Seventies-inspired style is back in the home, according to , Dayna Isom Johnson. That means velvet, rattan, and fringe are becoming increasingly popular with shoppers — and some psychedelic colors are en vogue again too. Take a look all the ways you can embrace this vibe in your home.

1 Vintage Rattan Chair


This vintage chair was made back in the 1970s, so it's as authentic as you can get and is perfect for a reading nook.

2 Blush Velvet Curtains
BespokenHome on Etsy


These curtains blend the old (velvet) with the new (millennial pink) flawlessly.

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3 Marigold Colorblock Pillow
JillianReneDecor on Etsy


Move over, bright yellows (which were all the rage a couple of years ago). This mustard hue is back with staying power.

4 Vintage Marigold Champagne Glasses

$24 for 4

The next time you have guests over, serve cocktails in these antique glasses that add a touch of iridescent glam to your home.

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5 Green French Demijohn
Artstoryconcept on Etsy


Along with marigold, greens are back on trend. Dip your toe into this hue with a stunning glass accessory.

6 Fringe Throw Pillow Cover
ClothedinscarletCo on Etsy


This one-of-a-kind hand-sewn fringe and beaded throw pillow cover is soft and stylish.

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7 Vintage Velvet Pillows


These throw pillows allow you to embrace velvet without making a major investment. Plus, in the right room, they will add just the right pop of color.

8 Forest Green Velvet Curtains
CustomMadeCurtainsNZ on Etsy

$38 and more

Or, if you want to dive in, these deep green drapes will infuse your room with '70s vibes as soon as they're hung up.

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9 Seagrass Fringe Basket
FringeandForest on Etsy


Macramé? Check. Fringe? Check. Wicker? Check. We're pretty sure this plant basket has it all.

10 Peacock Wicker Rattan Plant Stand
FloridaRoomCo on Etsy


Another vintage piece, this side table can serve as a foot rest for a peacock chair or as a plant stand.

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