A Tiny Home So Brilliant the Owners Are Now Selling Replicas

Which is good news for us, because the sleek styling in this small house is everything.

Liberation Tiny Homes

Armed with 14 years of carpentry experience and a keen interest in the "Tiny House Movement" (as those in the know call it these days), James Stoltzfus set out to build his own compact home in his free time last year — and within eight months, he had himself a seriously sleek new mini abode. 

Sporting a streamlined and decidedly masculine exterior, the 8-and-1/2-foot-by-20-foot tiny home features all the expected spaces: a living area, a full kitchen, one sleeping loft, and a compact bathroom. As is de rigueur with any tiny home, this 170-square-foot interior employs some of the usual space-saving tactics: A sectional sofa fits into the corner of the living room, keeping the path through the home clear, and doubles as a bed for guests. The kitchen relies on tried-and-true hanging storage for cutting boards, knives, and utensils with a petite table tucked against the wall, its two stools stored underneath.

But what we like most about this place is the understated style — its clean detailing, simple-but-sophisticated cabinetry, butcherblock countertops, and simple stairs are just plain sleek. And let's take a minute to really enjoy the built-ins. A collection of seemingly haphazard boxes separate the sleeping loft from the rest of the main space. Complementary shelves also flank the loft's back wall to hold clothes or any items homeowners don't want on full display. 

Take a peek at the inside of this minimalistic mini home:

Liberation Tiny Homes front porch
Liberation Tiny Homes

liberation tiny homes living space
Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes living room
Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes kitchen
Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes bedroom
Liberation Tiny Homes

And now, what started out as a hobby has now turned into a full-blown business. So proud was Stoltzfus of his finished project that he's now offering it up to others. With the help of his financially-savvy wife, Rosemary Stoltzfus, the Pennsylvania couple have launched Liberation Tiny Homes to sell replicas of their tiny dream home. If you only want the shell of the home, it'll cost you $11,500 (that includes the trailer, 2x4 framing, and metal roofing). But the complete package goes for a meatier $37,500 and comes with the cedar siding, laminate floors, birch plywood walls, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and more. 

Not digging either? Don't worry, the couple also says they'll help you design your very own tiny dream home, too.

[via Tiny House Swoon

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