This Vintage Bungalow Is Inspired by the Designer's Korean Heritage

Even cooler: You can shop Sharon Lee's line of wallpapers and fabrics.

sharon lee living room
Karyn R. Millet

A vintage Spanish bungalow is layered with meaning when artist Sharon Lee adds lively wallpapers and fabrics from her Korean-inspired line.

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sharon lee exterior
Karyn R. Millet

A custom awning in a striped fabric shades the home’s entrance.

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sharon lee living room
Karyn R. Millet
Living Room

Lee repeated the living room ceiling’s Peonies wallpaper in the corner niche. Antique delftware plates, along with Lee’s English teacup collection, kick-started the palette. The bungalow’s original mantel frames a surround in glazed ceramic tiles.

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sharon lee bar cart
Karyn R. Millet
Bar Cart

Brass hardware on a bar cart echoes the shine in Lee’s mixed-media landscape Migration, which is detailed in 24-karat gold leaf.

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sharon lee art studio
Karyn R. Millet
Art Studio

Lee’s wallpapers and fabrics — with patterns inspired by her Korean heritage — are displayed showroom-style in the home studio of her Santa Monica, California, bungalow. Her Painted Wave wall­paper “acts as a neutral backdrop.”

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sharon lee art 
Karyn R. Millet

In an update on traditional Korean wood-block printing, Lee carves designs like this 15-inch stylized tiger into sheets of rubber. Inked and pressed by hand, “the printed image comes out slightly different every time. The element of chance makes the process so beautiful and seductive.”

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sharon lee master bedroom 
Karyn R. Millet
Master Bedroom

Lee’s artwork — photographs shot when she was an art student and a mixed-media painting of lotuses — hangs in the master bedroom. The quilt is sewn from a batik cloth purchased on her Balinese honeymoon.

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sharon lee bed 
Karyn R. Millet

“I’d always wanted to sleep with bed hangings surrounding me. It’s very Wuthering Heights,” says Lee, who partially curtained the hammered-iron bed in her pineapple-print fabric that matches the wall­paper. A chandelier with handblown-glass beads from adds to the cocooning effect. Bedding, .

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sharon lee wallpaper 
Karyn R. Millet

A lamp brings even more pattern to the master bedroom. Lee paired the wall­paper’s graphic pineapples with a artwork because of the “delicate contrast.” Dresser, .

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sharon lee nursery
Karyn R. Millet
Son's Nursery

“It’s a little crazy,” says Lee of her son’s nursery, where the sitting area is furnished with a vintage Moroccan rug, a wingback chair covered in antique African textiles, her banana-leaf wallpaper, and a tiger-print pillow and curtains. “But I don’t think the concept of ‘too much pattern’ really exists. And it’s exciting for a baby.” Artwork, . Daybed, .

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This story was originally published in the April 2018 issue of Miescisko.

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