This Christmas Tree Will End All Arguments Over Clear or Colored Lights

... And save your marriage in the process

Courtesy of Courtney Hamby of The Hamby Home

So he grew up on colored lights, and you're a diehard clear-lights-kind-of-gal. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your style, and he needn't nix the nostalgia — this Christmas can be merry and bright for both of you with the trees Home Depot claims could just save marriages.

"Instead of bickering about choosing color versus white lights, you can have both!" says Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design at the Home Depot.

The GE Just Cut Ez Light Norway Spruce comes pre-lit with color-changing bulbs, as does the California Cedar Artificial Christmas Tree (pictured above decorated by Courtney Hamby of The Hamby Home).

color changing christmas tree
Courtesy of Home Depot

BUY NOW GE 7.5 ft. Just Cut Ez Light Norway Spruce - C3 Dual Color, $438, Home Depot

"Dual color is great because you can get a little funky and select multi-color one day, and then the next day be more traditional with white lights," adds Kelie Charles, seasonal merchant at the Home Depot.

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Of course, color-changing trees have been around for a couple years now — but we love the idea of using them to meet in the middle. Divvy up the 12 days of Christmas based on your mood, or use the flashing or chasing settings to alternate back and forth between white and colors. Because you shouldn't have to compromise on getting into the Christmas spirit.

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