The Property Brothers' Yule Log Is EXACTLY What Your Christmas Needs

Hello, boys.

The tradition of the Yule Log video started , when it debuted on television screens during Christmas Eve. And like many things both retro, hokey, and weirdly awesome, over the years, the tradition has been , ,  and has even inspired (because, apparently, the more things change, the more they don't make sense). 

And — drumroll, please — for 2015, the Property Brothers have gifted us their very own version of the Christmas tradition.

, the hour-long video (which is really just a seven-minute loop replayed over and over) gets pretty goofy. The guys play patty cake, fight over a toy elf — and spend a decent amount of time making bedroom eyes at the camera. If you're a Property Bros fan, you're definitely gonna want to take a look see:


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