10 Spooky Paintings That Will Get Your Home In The Halloween Spirit

From pop culture to just plain creepy.


When you think about decorating for Halloween, you probably think of all the obvious things: faux cobwebs, bats, headstones, jack-o-lanterns ... you catch my drift. But if you're not thinking about hanging Halloween-themed art, you're totally missing out. There are a wealth of original and pop culture-inspired Halloween paintings (and art prints of paintings) out there, especially on Etsy, just waiting to be hung up on your wall to help you get into the Halloween spirit.

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1 Dripping Skeleton Original Oil Painting

If you don't have at least one skeleton painting, is it even Halloween?

2 "Witchycle" Original Painting Print

If a stylish take on a Halloween painting is what you wish for, a stylish Halloween painting is what you shall get.

3 Michael Myers Parody Painting Print

It's not Halloween without the actual villain from Halloween, am I right?

4 "Stranger Things" Parody Painting Print

This "American Gothic" parody featuring Eleven and the Demogorgon is everything

5 "Danielle And The Devil" Art Print

Nothing to see here, just a well-dressed witch and her devilishly handsome dog. 

6 "Hocus Pocus" Acrylic Canvas Painting

If your favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus, you pretty much need this.

7 Haunted Room Original Painting Print

I don't know who this ghost is, but can she decorate my room, too?

8 Vampire Pop Art Painting

Go for something a little edgier with this pop art painting of a thirsty vampire. 

9 "The Dogs of Halloween" Art Print.
Etsy etsy.com

The dog days are definitely not over.

10 Haunted Mansion Painting Print

And of course, Halloween would be nothing without a haunted house. 

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