20 Valentine's Day Drinks to Make for Your Favorite Person

Cheers to the one who makes you feel all bubbly inside.

Valentine's Day cocktails
Half Baked Harvest/ Modern Glam

Some people say that Valentine's Day should be celebrated all year long — love should never be contained to a single day. We feel the same way about these cocktails. Raise a glass on Valentine's Day, and every day for that matter.

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Raspberry Rose Cocktail
Courtesy of Camille Styles
Raspberry Rose Cocktail

Pretty and pink, this fruity drink is made for a classy night with your beau. Fresh rose petals and raspberries give this gin cocktail a gorgeous pink hue.

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Blushing Pink Gimlet
Courtesy of Modern Glam
Blushing Pink Gimlet

Oh stop, you're making us blush. This tangy cocktail is a medley of the best flavors — elderflower, lemon, and grapefruit.

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Lauren Conrad ginger bee sting
Mike Garten
Ginger Bee Sting

This lemony-ginger cocktail will spice up your love life (as if it's not spicy enough already). Add a pinch of cayenne pepper for an extra dose of lovin'.

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The Cookie Rookie
Love Potion #9

This triple berry martini upgrades traditional mixology with dry ice — alas, no magic required. Your S.O. doesn't have to know that, though.

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raspberry moscato
Courtesy of Tonya Staab
Raspberry Moscato Cocktail

Add a little bubbly and fruity flavor to your glass of vino. Heart-shaped ice cubes make this gorgeous concoction even more holiday-appropriate.

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A Pair and a Spare DIY
Rose Water Cointreau Fizz

Blushing cocktails are the new blushing brides — cointreau, rose water and raspberry juice come together for an outright lovely aperitif.

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Katie At the Kitchen Door
Cherry Chocolate Bourbon Soda

This moody red cocktail is a sturdy masculine addition in a sea of pink drinks. Your man might appreciate it.

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The Baking Bird
Cardamom Hot Chocolate with Rose Marshmellows

Valentine's Day is about showing affection towards the people you love, not just that one special someone. Make this pretty hot cocoa — rose-infused marshmallows and all — for little ones. They'll be tickled pink.

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Raspberry Rose Fizz Cocktail
Courtesy of Jacquelyn Clark
Raspberry Rose Fizz

Cheers to another year of romance with these fizzy and sweet raspberry cocktails, complete with rose petals for garnish.

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The Cookie Rookie
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Wine Smoothie

Smoothies and wine. Now that's a match made in heaven.

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Honestly Yum
V-Day Delight

Honestly Yum made her own grenadine for this lovely (and aesthetically pleasing) drink. Extra gold stars for effort!

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Olivia's Cuisine
Hibiscus Champagne

Subtle but surprising notes of hibiscus upgrade champagne, a Valentine's Day staple.

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Half Baked Harvest
Rosé Lemon Spritzer

The fusion of sweet rosé, tart lemon and earthly rose results in a light cocktail that stimulates the senses.

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Neighbor Food Blog
Rainbow Sherbet Champagne Floats

Switch out champagne for ginger ale and you've made this appropriate for the kids.

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Strawberry Champagne Margarita

We take our Valentine's Day margs on the rocks with a sugar rim. Sweetness is the key.

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Lil Luna
Red Velvet Milkshakes

Or try a chocolate sprinkle rim for this kid-friendly mocktail. Red velvet ice creamy goodness? Let's just hope there's some left over after the kids are through.

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The Great Romance
Rosé Royal

This stunning cocktail calls for an egg white — seems counterintuitive, but combined with rosé, grapefruit juice and sugar syrup, sweetness wins out.

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Blackberry Babe
Strawberry Moscow Mule

The classic Moscow Mule gets a touch of festive V-Day flair with strawberry soda.

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Dessert For Two
Strawberry Rosé Gin Fizz

This pink drink is quite the refresher thanks to cool gin and fizzy club soda.

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Nutmeg Nanny
Thyme Blood Orange Bourbon Cocktail

Ruby blood orange juice and warm bourbon are the foundation of this Valentine's Day cocktail. But rosemary sprigs and orange grinds make it beautiful.

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