35 Effortless Recipes to Freshen Up Your Easter Menu

Deliver good taste from cocktails to cake.

Mike Garten

Planning an Easter meal can be stressful, so we've put together an assortment of stunning cocktails, easy hor d'oeuvres, savory main courses and (of course) decadent desserts. These recipes are proof that an elegant feast can also be an easy one.

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limoncello citrus sangria
Courtesy of The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie
Cocktail: Limoncello Citrus Sangria

This bright and tangy sangria serves as the perfect palette cleanser.

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Courtesy of Lauren Conrad
Cocktail: Cotton Candy Champagne

Clouds of cotton candy, a dash of St. Germain and your favorite bubbly makes this picture perfect aperitif.

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Camille Styles
Cocktail: Lavender Lillet

This springy cocktail, which calls for homemade lavender simple syrup, stands out in a sea of mimosas and bellinis.

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Sugar and Cloth
Cocktail: Spiked Peeps

Because the kids don't get to have all the fun.

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Half Baked Harvest
Cocktail: Strawberry Chamomile Paloma

Chamomile is known for its calming properties — which makes it a perfect ingredient for a tequila cocktail. Grapefruit juice, ripe strawberries and fresh chamomile flowers make this one a stunner.

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pimiento cheese finger sandwiches
Mike Garten
Appetizer: Pimiento Cheese Finger Sandwiches

These bite-size sandwiches are filled to the brim with cheesy goodness (oh, and a few vegetables).

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Donna Hay
Appetizer: Hot Cross Buns

This classic recipe — with just a hint of cinnamon — will become a tradition at your table for years to come.

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Hip Foodie Mom
Appetizer: Asparagus Gruyere Tart

Is there anything that puff pastry can't make? When topped with melted gruyere and roasted asparagus, puff pastry transforms into the ultimate "pizza" app.

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Pimiento-Cheese Deviled Eggs
Mike Garten
Appetizer: Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a staple during Easter celebrations for good reason — and here's your proof!

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Pea and Feta Crostini
Andrew Purcell
Appetizer: Pea and Feta Crostini

Cheese and crackers have met their match. Ground peas and crumbled feta create a simple yet flavorful spread.

What you'll need: food processor ($30, )

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Mary Britton
Appetizer: Carrot Chorizo Blini

These spicy, chorizo-filled pancakes are delish on their own, but are out of this world when served with a lime juice Greek yogurt dipping sauce.

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Brie and Apple Tart
Mike Garten
Appetizer: Brie and Apple Tart

Everything's better after a mouthful of a cheesy pastry drizzled with honey.

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Con Poulos
Appetizer: Curried Carrot and Apple Soup

Carrot soup is undoubtedly traditional, but a touch of curry gives this dish a kick.

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Apricot-Mustard Ham with Herb-Roasted Vegetables
Yossy Arefi
Main Course: Apricot-Mustard Ham with Herb-Roasted Vegetables

Serve a colorful variety of vegetables alongside a sweet and sticky ham for an eye-catching main course.

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Con Poulos
Main Course: Steak with Lentil and Grapefruit Salad

Tart grapefruit, juicy steak and soft lentils come together for the ultimate springtime salad.

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Lemony Herb Roast Chicken
Mike Garten
Main Course: Lemony Herb Roast Chicken

Take a classic chicken dish to the next level with accompanying notes of citrus and thyme.

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Raymond Hom
Main Course: Herb Crusted Pork Loin

Tender pork loin, with an earthy herb crust, gets an extra zing of flavor when served with sliced lemons.

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Lamb Chops with Mint Gremolata
Country Living
Main Course: Lamb Chops with Mint Gremolata

Lemon and mint are the quintessential flavors of the season — these lamb chops are proof.

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Charles Masters
Main Course: Apricot Spice Glazed Ham

Instead of honey glazed ham, try using apricot. Like honey, an apricot glaze adds sweetness to an otherwise savory dish, but in a new, fresh way — your guests will remember this meal for sure.

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Andrew Purcell
Main Course: Spinach and Pine Nut Stuffed Leg of Lamb

Sweet golden raisins and buttery pine nuts are the perfect compliment to this flavorful leg of lamb.

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Sweet Parker House Rolls
Chris Court
Side Dish: Sweet Parker House Rolls

Fresh rosemary, lavender, and sage give these sweet rolls an extra punch of flavor.

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Lemony Asparagus, Beans and Peas
Yossy Arefi
Side Dish: Lemony Asparagus, Beans and Peas

Get a bite of your greens all in one sitting with this medley of asparagus, beans, and peas.

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Butter-Glazed Rainbow Carrots
Mike Garten
Side Dish: Butter-Glazed Rainbow Carrots

These four-ingredient glazed carrots are a no-brainer during the Easter holiday.

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Mike Garten
Side Dish: Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes With Cheddar

Thin slices of potato come together with the help of gooey cheddar cheese. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

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 Anchor Steam Mac and Cheese
Brian Woodcock
Side Dish: Anchor Steam Mac and Cheese

Spoil your little ones with this cheesy, oven baked mac. Of course, make sure you grab some for yourself!

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Mushroom and Leek Tart
Christopher Shane
Side Dish: Mushroom and Leek Tart

Frozen puff pastry has never tasted — or looked — so fancy.

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Alexandra Rowley
Side Dish: Roasted Carrots and Asparagus with Almond Gremolata

What's an Easter meal without the carrots? A hint of almond offers a nutty finish to this roasted veggie side.

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Magic Mini Pavlovas
Mike Garten
Dessert: Magic Mini Pavlovas

Berry jam and fresh fruit turn these mini meringues into a delicious dessert.

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Triple Citrus Bundt
Mike Garten
Dessert: Triple Citrus Bundt

Sometimes simplicity reigns supreme, especially during the holiday season. This classic bundt cake is refreshed with fresh orange and lime zest.

What you'll need: bundt pan ($13, )

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Very Berry Cream Tartlets
Mike Garten
Dessert: Very Berry Cream Tartlets

Surprise! There's almond slices mixed in the airy vanilla cream.

What you'll need: mini tart pans ($11, )

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