The 250-Year-Old China Company That's Still Cool

Talking with Wedgwood creative director Dik Delaney about what's new.


The model in Wedgwood's Spring 2014 ad campaign evokes a modern day Marie Antoinette.

Wedgwood has a huge archive going back 250 years, so we usually start with something from that and build on it. For example, I thought it would be fabulous to use the rounds, octagons and squares we saw in old drawings in a new white collection. Recently I was also inspired by beautiful metal lighting in Milan.

The influx of colour and pattern is huge and it's become far more expressive, spontaneous and fun, with slightly offbeat touches mixed with historical references. With Palladian, we've added cool and warm shades of copper, bronze and gold to contrasting china, to add interest. White will always be popular, but now we're seeing it designed with subtle twists.


The company's Palladian pattern.

The combination of elegance and playfulness in the round, square and octagonal pieces of Ashlar, our new fine, white porcelain collection, comes to life when you mix layers.

Beautiful china isn't just for Sunday best, as it was for our grandparents, you should use and enjoy it. Don't feel obliged to buy into one range, with everything matching: try mi white with colour and pattern. Experiment with a few patterned pieces to start with.


The company's Butterfly Bloom pattern.


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