An Industrial Structure Gets A Cozy Makeover

Yes, this is a water tower. And yes, people live there now.


The most creative among us have made homes out of many an odd structure (we're talking , , and — oh, my!). But it takes a strong-willed dreamer to look at a hulking steel water tower and think "home sweet home."

And that's just what one Waukesha, Wisconsin family did. Long abandoned by the town, the water tower cost the family only $1,000 — but required three years of major renovations and architectural brilliance to make it livable. The result is an impressive art-deco structure that certainly stands out in its traditional Midwestern community, and has some luxurious amenities (like a light-flooded 40-foot ceiling) that surprisingly only a water tower can provide.

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Check out the finished product (and meet the family who owns it!) in this video:

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