21 Lovely Ways to Repurpose Your Wine Corks

Saving up supplies for a craft project has never been more fun.


Saving up supplies for a craft project has never been more fun.

Courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe
Wine Cork Trees

This adorable mini forest scenes is lovely for the holidays — but feels fresh even after the halls have been un-decked.

Get the tutorial at Live Laugh Rowe.

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Courtesy of Styling Spoon
Card Holders

Label your cheese and wine offerings (or create cute place cards) for your next cocktail party.

Get the tutorial at Stylish Spoon.

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Courtesy of Shine Your Light
Garden Markers

A natural marker feels right at home in herb garden.

Get the tutorial at Shine Your Light.

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Courtesy of Design Improvised
Cork Vase

Simply cover a plain glass vase with wine corks for a totally new look.

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised.

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Courtesy of Two Twenty One
Candle Accents

Two glass hurricanes and a whole bunch of corks come together for this glowy centerpiece.

Get the tutorial at Two Twenty One.

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Courtesy of Crème de la Craft
Pretty Placemats

Protect your surfaces in style with a bevy of cork slivers.

Get the tutorial at Crème de la Craft.

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Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess
Tradition Keeper

Savor cherished memories by writing the date and event on corks. Then toss them in a tall glass vase to make a cute keepsake you can pull out when you're feeling nostalgic.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

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Courtesy of Brit + Co
State Wall Hanger

Show your home state some love by making a cork mat in its shape. Give it an ombre effect by painting each cork in varying shades of the same color.

Get the tutorial at Brit + Co.

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Courtesy of Everyday Dishes & DIY

Finally, a cute upcycled solution for when you've got hot pots — and nowhere to put them. Paint the tops of the corks whatever color you'd like for a personalized touch.

Get the tutorial at Everyday Dishes & DIY.

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Courtesy of Mox & Fodder

Collect corks so you can turn an old fan grate into a whimsical decor piece.

Get the tutorial at Mox & Fodder.

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Courtesy of Suze Geeks Out
Crafty Corkboard

Upcycle an old frame or mirror and fill it in with wine corks in this cute DIY

Get the tutorial at Suze Geeks Out.

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Courtesy of Crafty Nest
Bath Mat

Step out of the shower and onto a comfortable cork surface with this simple DIY bath mat.

Get the tutorial at Crafty Nest.

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Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes
Ombre Heart

Create this charming 3D wall art for Valentine's day – or any day.

Get the tutorial at Green Wedding Shoes.

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Courtesy of Climer Photography
Heel Stays

Take on outdoor weddings with ease thanks to these wine cork add-ons. Your stilettos will no longer sink into the ground.

Get the tutorial at Climer Photography.

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Courtesy of Upcycle That
Tiny Planters

Hollow out corks to give tiny succulents a home. Bonus: Attach a magnet to the back to make awesome refrigerator magnets.

Get the tutorial at Upcycle That.

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Courtesy of Cleverly Inspired
Quirky Key Chains

Gift these wine cork key chains to the vino enthusiasts in your life. They'll think of you every time they open a door.

Get the tutorial at Cleverly Inspired.

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Courtesy of Living Savvy
Wine Cork Wreath

Red wine stains have never looked more decorative than in this inventive showpiece.

Get the tutorial at Living Savvy.

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Courtesy of Yarni Gras
Canape Knife Handles

Give your old canapé knives new life by switching out corks for the handles.

Get the tutorial at Yarni Gras.

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Courtesy of Karied Away
Cork Coasters

Protect your tables from water (or wine!) rings with this stylish DIY.

Get the tutorial at Karied Away.

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Courtesy of A Lo and Behold Life

Cut your initials out of scrap wood and fill them in with wine corks. It may take a while to complete, but it'll look super cute when it's finished.

Get the tutorial at A Lo and Behold Life.

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