22 Easy Decorating Ideas to Make Over a Room in a Day

It's as easy as changing up your coffee table decor.

Thomas Loof

A little wallpaper, paint, or a few colorful accents can make such a big difference in your home. You can tackle each of these ideas in one day, even though the results will look like it took so much longer to pull off.

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Add a statement tablecloth.

Before this red and white patterned tablecloth hit the table, this room was quite traditional. But with designer T. Keller Donovan's touch, it becomes an eclectic room with tons of personality. (And fun fact: That tablecloth matches the custom Thibaut furnishings in the adjacent sitting area.)

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decorating ideas
Trevor Tondro
Reorganize your bookshelves.

Soft colors give this Savanah, Georgia kitchen, designed by Mary Jo Bochner, a calming presence, which allows accessories to stand out. Reorganize your bookshelf by color to add a pop in the corner of your room.

Shop a similar look: round bookshelf ($53, )

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Thomas Loof
Turn your floors blue.

Can you imagine how simple this bathroom looked before it had a bright blue floor? The quick change by designer Kari McCabe allows the tub to take center stage and makes us want to soak in there all day long.

Shop a similar rug: teal area rug ($190, )

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Miki Duisterhof
Mix and match chairs.

Swap out your formal chairs (in this case, bright blue and green ones) for a few rustic metal ones. Designer Ramsay Gourd did this to create a more casual atmosphere in the dining room.

Shop a similar look: metal chairs ($139 for 4, )

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Brighten up built-ins.

Just because the back of these shelves are tucked into the walls, doesn't mean they can't make a dramatic difference when painted a bold orange (which designer Kay Douglass knew all too well).

Shop a similar look: orange pillow ($22, ), orange tray ($30, ), orange paint ($30 per gallon, )

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bedroom with black canopy bed
Jonny Valiant
Spruce up window shades.

Instead of tossing that random roll of wallpaper, use it to give your window treatments some color. Designer Zim Loy used 's Espalier to wallpaper the vinyl shades in her guest bedroom, but to speed up the project, use stick-on paper.

Shop a similar look: curtains ($44 and more, )

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<p>The playful, timeless wall-coverings that Albert Hadley dreamed up with Harry Hinson<span class="redactor-invisible-space" data-verified="redactor" data-redactor-tag="span" data-redactor-class="redactor-invisible-space" style="background-color: initial;" rel="background-color: initial;" data-redactor-style="background-color: initial;">.</span></p>
Try a patch of wallpaper.

This bathroom is so small that designer Krista Ewart knew it would be too much to cover the entire room — but a small section of Albert Hadley paper makes a statement and is much faster from start to finish.

Shop a similar look: wallpaper ( for prices, ), towels ($10 and more, )

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Stearns & Foster
Make bedding changes.

Jonathan Scott, home design expert and brand ambassador for , recommends owning two sheet and comforter sets, so you can swap them out by the season. "In winter, you want warm and inviting bedding, like faux fur and bulky blankets," he says.

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Thomas Loof
Incorporate modern flair.

To switch up a room's vibe, designer Ashley Whittaker recommends replacing one piece of furniture in an otherwise totally traditional living room with something super modern (it can be from another room in your home) — like this acrylic coffee table.

Shop a similar look: side table ($102, )

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bedroom with patterned bedding
Ngoc Minh Ngo
Mix in a new pattern.

Designer keeps the bedding playful in the bedroom of his Massachusetts vacation house. "The mix-and-match nature of the patterns and faded batik prints make it feel like it's a collection of old textiles brought back from a journey at sea," he says.

Shop a similar look: ($30 and up, )

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white bathroom
Ngoc Minh Ngo
Show off an antique.

The guest bath in Fulk's vacation home feels authentic to the period of the house, but also clean and modern. However, a vintage barrel adds a ton of personality in the space.

Shop a similar look: barrel basket ($89, )

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Amy Neunsinger
Dress up your hallways.

Designer Betsy Burnham picked out Turkish runners from to add instant style to this California home's hallway. The floor coverings also draw eyes to a Moroccan-inspired reading nook.

Shop a similar look: red Moroccan rug ($138, )

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white living room
Amy Neunsinger
Move furniture away from the walls.

"Floating furniture away from the walls creates more intimate seating," Burnham says. That means all you have to do is shift your furnishings a few inches to totally transform the vibe in a room — as seen in this California home.

Shop a similar look: velvet pillow ($21, )

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white dining room
Jonny Valiant
Paint something white.

To replicate the light, bright and airy look in designer Zim Loy's Kansas City home, you'll need lots of white paint. She bought an old $60 table at an estate sale and gave it a fresh new look by the painting the base high-gloss white.

Shop a similar look: high-gloss white paint ($11, )

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Eric Piasecki
Add a cheery accent color.

In this case, designer Gideon Mendelson added a bright yellow throw and fresh flowers to flip an otherwise tame, blue-and-white color scheme on its head.

Shop a similar look: yellow pillow ($7, ), yellow throw blanket ($36, )

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William Abranowicz
Display a collection.

In the living room of an Atlanta house by designer , an elm plank table from doubles as a dining table and a display for a collection of Chinese porcelains. "The pieces don't have to match, but they do have to play together well," she says.

Shop a similar look: vase ($80, ), charger plate ($72, )

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plate display on wall
Jonny Valiant
Create a statement wall.

Designer Zim Loy discovered Hackerware on : "There's tons of it, and it's so cheap!" She started collecting it for her dining room, then covered the whole wall with plates to create the same effect as one big piece of art.

Shop a similar look: Hackerware (prices vary, )

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Cynthia Van Elk
Paint half the wall.

Half of the wall means half of the time, right? Here, gray creeps up to the middle, while the rest remains white, creating a subtle, yet super stylish, statement.

What you'll need: painter's tape ($6, ), paint brush ($4, )

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living room with stone fireplace
Francesco Lagnese
Recover the furniture.

"Everything in this room has a story," designer Podge Bune says of her Hamptons living room. "The easy chair is covered in my old dining room curtains, a fabric they no longer make." An easier way to achieve this: Buy a slipcover!

Shop a similar look: sofa cover ($21, ), chair cover ($30, )

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doorway curtain
Hang a colorful curtain.

For the entrance hall of this Pennsylvania farmhouse, designer Jeffrey Bilhuber opted for a curtain instead of a door. The deep yellow fabric pops agains the regal blue wall color and adds rich texture to the space.

Shop a similar look: curtains ($83, )

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Hang art on a bookshelf.

Designer Alex Hitz admits the huge portrait of his close friend (the late Nan Kempner) is a bit "ridiculous," but fun. This placement adds interesting texture when in a spot you don't usually see paintings hanging.

Shop a similar look: painting ($53, )

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Add color on open shelves.

Designer Kelie Grosso opted for open shelving in this kitchen, which allows for fast and easy decor changes. Blue accents stand out against a neutral palette.

Shop a similar look: blue drinking glasses ($43 for 4, ), white dishes ($28 for 4, )

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