14 Paint Colors That Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

These expert-approved hues may be the secret to opening up a minuscule or cramped-feeling room.

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The right paint color can accomplish a lot — it can , , and even . And luckily for small space dwellers, a well-chosen wall hue can also make a room feel much bigger than it is. (Yes, you .)

To help you narrow down your search for that perfect room-expanding shade, tapped into their network of design pros for advice.

Four shades topped the list as the best all-around colors to make a space feel larger, including three soft neutrals: , , and . Surprisingly, a deeper shade — — made the cut as well.

But according to Anne Miller of , a saturated hue can be completely appropriate for small spaces. "The key is to remember to balance out that color with softer neutrals so that the room is not overwhelming," she .

Beyond the best all-around colors, Trulia also highlighted five shades that make a space feel bigger when they're used on both the walls and the trim: , , , , and .

The collection of gray and blue shades can help trick the eye into thinking a room is more expansive than it is. "By painting the walls and trim the same paint color, your ceilings appear to be taller, since there are no breaks in the trim," explained Charlotte Lucas of .

Check out the infographic below to see all 14 must-know shades, and for more on why they were chosen.


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