15 Ingenious Ways To Maximize A Small Space

You don't have to feel claustrophobic ever again.

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The struggle of finding room for all your stuff is real. Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a small room, these small space design ideas will save your life. After all, no one ever complained about having too much space.

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Shrink Your Dining Table

Small round tables aren't just for breakfast nooks. Ditch the giant dining table and give yourself some extra space by opting for a small, round dining table instead.

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Round Dining Table, $164, wayfair.com

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Mount Your TV

A media console is the biggest space waster in a small living room. Mount your TV on the wall or above a fireplace and you'll regain necessary floor space.

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Get A Wall Desk

Think you have no room for an office? Think again. A mounted wall desk takes up way less room—and you can even mount shelves above it for even more storage space.

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Floating Desk, $640, wayfair.com

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Use A Day Bed

Add a day bed and watch your bedroom double in size. If you don't have a designated guest room, this could also come in handy in your living room.

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Day Bed, $369, wayfair.com

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yellow kids chair
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Create Zones

Think about all the things you do in a space±work, sleep, relax, eat—and then establish separate zones for those activities. You can create "rooms" with a curtain, a strategically-placed table and chair, or paint, as seen in this apartment, where purple walls signal an entryway.

Yellow Chair, $25, amazon.com

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Do Double Duty

Pieces that can serve multiple purposes are key: Find a table that can function as a desk and a dining table, get a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed, or buy cubes that serve as a coffee table and bonus seats when guests are over.

Ottoman, $95, jossandmain.com

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mirrored kitchen
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Trick Your Eye

It's the oldest design trick in the book: Mirrors will make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier.

Mirror Panels, $17, amazon.com

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chinese side tables
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Make Every Piece Count

Choose furnishings that offer maximum functionality in minimal square footage. For example, use two small round tables instead of one big coffee table. They're better for traffic flow and easier to move.

Two-Piece Coffee Table Set, $200, jossandmain.com

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Use Bigger (But Fewer) Furnishings

It may seem counterintuitive, but outfitting a small space with just a few large-scale pieces (rather than a mishmash of pint-size furniture) can actually make it feel grander.

Canopy Bed, $740, jossandmain.com

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Go Neutral

Calm, even-toned rooms fool the eye into thinking they're more spacious than they are. Make sure to add subtle patterns and textures to keep the space from falling flat.

Wall Art, $102, jossandmain.com

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Customize Storage

Bespoke built-ins, storage nooks, and furniture tailored to your exact needs can utilize every available sliver of space. When they're part of the walls, you don't lose nearly as much valuable square footage.

Teal Wall Paint, $73, amazon.com

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china seas green wallpaper
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Create A Jewel Box

Embrace the small space and turn it into a jewel box. Statement wallpaper and a unique light fixture dress up this powder room.

Green Wallpaper, $18, amazon.com

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Think Vertical

Exploit the often under-utilized space between the tops of furniture and a room's ceiling with hanging or high-mounted elements. Take bookcases and cabinets all the way up — it'll make the room feel higher.

Kitchen Cabinets, $224, wayfair.com

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glass kitchen doors
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Add Glass

Tear down walls, enlarge windows, or swap solid doors for glass to open up views and connect adjacent spaces.

Glass Door, $150, amazon.com

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white kitchen shelves
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Edit Yourself

You don't have to display everything. After all, nothing makes a room feel smaller than clutter.

White Shelf, $39, amazon.com

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