45 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas We're Obsessed With

There's rose gold involved.

Nathan Kirkman

Spice up your kitchen storage spots with decorative colors, finishes, and hardware. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something more modern, these design ideas go far beyond plain-old cupboards. We've got inspo on inspo (on inspo) for you, so you can finally tackle that big renovation.

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Nathan Kirkman
Patterned Cabinets

A classic white kitchen is timeless, but it can be a bit dull. To make it a little more interesting, add hidden details, like these diamond-patterned mesh cabinet inserts.

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Karyn R. Millet
Simple and Sleek Cabinets

If your kitchen is open, airy, and full of natural light, add contrast with a bold color for the cabinets. That way, a deep gray or even black won't feel too dark.

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Courtesy of Kohler
Rose Gold Hardware

Rose gold all day, every day. This feminine alternative to brass is perfect to update a farmhouse kitchen.

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jon de la cruz kitchen of the year kitchen island
Jonny Valiant
Gray Cabinets

Grays can soften the contrast between black and white. It's also a complement to stainless steel in a kitchen.

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bailey mccarthy black kitchen
Trevor Tondro
All Black Cabinets

Accent all-black cabinetry with brass countertop and hardware. It'll help warm it up and give it an antique feel.

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Richard Anuszkiewicz Kitchen
Jennifer Hughes
Glass Door Cabinets

To add to an already elegant space, add glass doors to kitchen cabinets. If you're afraid of the mess inside, choose a glass with a pattern to disguise the interior. Problem solved.

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Paul Raeside
Blue Cabinets

A bold color is ideal for a bar area. It's cool and sexy, but won't overpower your entire kitchen.

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Lisa Romerein
White Cabinets

If you've got a rustic kitchen and want to add a modern touch, consider your cabinetry. White cabinets and stainless steel appliances help it feel clean and fresh.

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Paul Raeside
Classic Neutral Cabinets

There's nothing wrong with loving neutrals. The key to keep it from feeling sterile is to layer a few shades. You can paint cabinets in a darker white to contrast bright marble countertops, for example, which adds dimension.

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janet gridley black kitchen
Maura McEvoy
Shelved Cabinets

For a homey feel, try an island with cabinets and shelving. You can store your kitchen tools in the cabinets, then stack books on the shelves.

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Victoria Pearson
Grooved Cabinets

For a modern Provincial kitchen, try minimalist grooved cabinetry in a soft green. Now all we need is a pain au chocolat to go with it.

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turquoise kitchen
Mikkel Vang
Distressed Cabinets

Distress your cabinets to balance out a bold shade. To achieve this vintage blue, a blackened umber glaze was applied to the cabinets, then painted over with a turquoise glaze. Buffing, stippling, and scraping complete the timeworn look.

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pine and iron bar stools
Tara Striano
Stained Pine Cabinets

Pine cabinets work for anything from coastal to rustic to industrial decor. The gray undertones complement steel appliances.

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turquoise kitchen
Simon Upton
Turquoise Cabinets

An unexpected turquoise hue livens up boring old white when peeking out from behind a cottage kitchen's glass-front cabinets.

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raised cabinets
Roger Davies
Raised Cabinets

Want the ultimate kitchen cleaning hack? Elevate your cabinets. Crumbs won't accumulate by the kick plates, and the space benefits from the extra shot of light.

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Matt Albiani
Porthole Cabinets

If you've got a beach house and aren't afraid of a little whimsy in the kitch, you have to try porthole windows in your cabinets. Total nautical decor goals.

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open shelving
Jeremy Samuelson
Mixed Material Cabinets

Shake things up by opting for two different materials. This kitchen used fir for the cabinets and installed stainless-steel drawers to match the metallic appliance fronts.

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ken fulk white kitchen cabinets
Victoria Pearson
Wooden Fencing Cabinets

Combine fresh white paint and battered wood for a more relaxed look. Dreaming of our future farmhouse now.

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neff kitchens cabinets
Jason Donnelly
Striated Cabinets

To warm up a modern kitchen, it's all about adding light. A glossy finish on cabinets bounces light back into the room.

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rustic modern kitchen
Timothy Bell
Wire-Brushed Oak Cabinets

Using rustic materials heightens the sense of comfort. This look is part farmhouse and part industrial.

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kitchen cabinets with chicken wire
Ngoc Minh Ngo
Chicken Wire Cabinets

Whether you've got a country house or just decorate like you do, try chicken wire on the cabinets. It sounds shoddy but actually looks seriously cool.

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pale powder kitchen
Eric Piasecki
Glass Front Cabinets

Clear glass fronts can show off your dinnerware. Add a rolling ladder and you can access the top shelves way easier.

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window with table and counter stools
Eric Piasecki
Sliding Cabinets

The handcrafted cabinet doors of this Japanese-style kitchen cleverly slide open instead of swinging out, taking up less room.

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french antique chandelier
Simon Watson
Belgian-Inspired Cabinets

These traditional cabinets work in a rustic, traditional, or farmhouse-style kitchen. The cool color palette creates a calm atmosphere.

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hidden kitchen
Simon Watson
Embellished Cabinets

Gilded cabinetry is the way to help your kitchen live its most glam life. Accent it with a bold color on the walls.

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wood cabinets with metal nautical details
Eric Piasecki
Stainless Steel Cabinets

Take stainless beyond appliances. It's a sleek and industrial look for cabinets, as well.

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Nathan Kirkman
Opaque Glass Cabinets

Get the best of both worlds with clouded glass — the semi-transparent finish feels light, but still offers concealed storage. No one needs to see what's behind those doors.

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blue ann sacks backsplash tile
Trevor Tondro
Bold Blue Cabinets

Vibrant blue cabinets complement a turquoise backsplash. Go bold or go home.

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john barman country cottage white kitchen
Anastassios Mentis
Contrasting Cabinets

Adding contrast when you want to keep the color palette white is challenging, but that's where hardware comes in. Add dark rustic hinges to up the country kitchen vibes.

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dark bornholm cabinetry
Annie Schlechter
Hardware-Free Cabinets

Skip knobs and hinges altogether. Drawers with cut-out handholds keep it simple while warm wood prevents it from feeling sparse.

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