Meet Rock Star Mike Herrera, Chip and Joanna's Very Last "Fixer Upper" Client

He has the CUTEST family!

The included a couple of celebrity appearances (remember former ?). And the , titled "Rock Star Renovation" featured another special guest — a rock star, of course.

Musician Mike Herrera, 41, and his wife, Holli, were 's final clients on the show. Here's what you need to know about the vocalist and bassist.

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1. Mike is the lead singer of punk rock band MxPx.

The Washington native is best known for singing and playing bass for MxPx, a Christian punk rock band he formed with friends as a teen in the '90s.

He's also the frontman for the alternative country band Tumbledown. Named for a line in a Woody Guthrie song, Tumbledown has a totally different sound from MxPx. Herrera has listed Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash as influences. Mike's also the bassist for another band, Goldfinger, and performs as a solo act as well.

2. Mike and Holli have two cute kids.

Their daughter is named Sailor Mae, and their son is Rhodes Wilder.

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3. Mike is a family man.

As you can see in these sweet Instagram photos and videos, Mike's music isn't just for the stage; he loves playing for his kids, too! Like Chip, Mike seems like a total family man.

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4. The Herreras are moving to Waco.

According to , the family is relocating from Washington to Waco to be closer to Holli's kin. They need a house with plenty of space for their young family and a studio for Mike, and luckily Chip and Jo were able to help.

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5. ... but they're keeping their home in Bremerton, WA.

When Mike talked about the Fixer Upper episode , he also noted that the family will still spend plenty of time in Washington as well.

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