People Are Hanging Beehives on Their Walls Like Picture Frames

And for a good reason.

Beehive walls might be the new photo walls. No, really. , a hexagon-shaped module that looks like a glass shadowbox, allows honeybees to build a beehives within it. Called the Hex Hive, it can hang in your kitchen, family room, or wherever there's a nearby window.


While the idea of having thousands of bees building a hive behind you as you're watching Netflix could sound jarring, it's for a good reason. Created by Dustin Betz and Mike Zaengle, the BEEcosystem observation hive was designed in response to the need for more bees.

According to , there are 3.5 million fewer beehives in the United States than there were in 1947, a frightening decline given bees pollinate one out of every three bites of food.

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To install it, the BEEcosystem needs to be installed within 4-inches of a window. Then tubing is connected from the hive entrance to the window unit. Here's how it works:

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One hex hive , and can be ordered from the BEEcosystem website. Fascinating, right? Cue that NBC shooting star: The more you knoooow!

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