Everyone Needs This Artefacto Table That Transforms Into A Pool Table

This is especially incredible for the holidays.


Setting up a game table and a dinning table for your holiday party? Cancel that. Thanks to this genius design, you can have one table that does both. Available at and showrooms, the dining and pool table brings all the fun for up to twelve people.

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Use it like a standard table, then, when you're ready to play, remove the dining table cover, add the six pool ball pockets, and give it a shot. Literally. Playing games make you hungry? Just reverse the steps. Take off the pockets, add the wood cover, and bon appétit!

Based on the video, it seems as though you don't even have to finish your game of pool before you can actually start eating dinner—simply hit pause—because the cover looks like it slides on perfectly without disrupting the ball setup. You know, in case you're in a heated game of billiards before you're family is ready to stuff their faces.

For more information on how to purchase, call, visit, or email one of these showrooms:

(305) 774-0004
4440 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Suite 1600
[email protected]

(305) 931-9484
17651 Biscayne Boulevard

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