Netflix's Bird Box House Is Now Attracting Tourists

Do you think they go there blindfolded?

IMDb/Bird Box

Unless you've actually been walking around with a blindfold on, you've likely seen a meme, article, or tweet about the new Netflix movie, , in the last few weeks.

Bird Box, Netflix

Whether or not you've actually watched the film, which follows Sandra Bullock and her two children as they desperately attempt to find safety five years after an "," you still might be surprised to learn that the house from the film is now attracting tourists in real life. Yes, really.

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According to , Bullock's home in the movie is located in Monrovia, California—a suburb of Los Angeles and film buffs are flocking to the scene to see it in person. The owner shared with that she received $12,000 for the exterior shots of her home, but despite being featured in such a well-known movie, "she has no plans to watch [it.] She doesn't have Netflix." HA!

For someone whose home has been featured in three other movies in the last two decades, though, I guess it loses it's cool factor...maybe? On one hand I hope she downloads that free Netflix trial and gives it a watch and on the other...well, maybe she should steer clear of the unnecessary scare. She does live there permanently, after all.

Just in case you want a taste of what everyone's gossiping about, here's the trailer:

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