Francis Ford Coppola's Winery Is the Ultimate Family Getaway This Summer

The film director wanted to create a place for families to enjoy life together.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, California

Francis Ford Coppola and The Godfather go hand-in-hand: The 1972 hit movie made Coppola a household name, and after winning multiple Academy Awards, the 80-year-old screenwriter and film director focused on a different kind of family-oriented business.

Located in Geyserville, California, the Detroit native established the Francis Ford Coppola Winery—a place he created for families to enjoy time together with spacious pools and cabins overlooking mountains.

After spotting children playing near a fountain and asking their parents if they could jump in, Coppola accommodated them with two swimming pools totaling a whopping 3,600- square-feet.

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Francis Ford Coppola wanted to create a place for families to come and enjoy all the best things in life together. For years, he had seen children playing around the fountain at Inglenook, pleading with their parents to allow them to jump in. Francis always sympathized with the children, so he thought, “Gee, the kids will want to go swimming, so let's have swimming pools.” 💧

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Lounge chairs surround the two pools, but if you want the ultimate experience at the Winery, you’ll want to reserve a cabin for yourself and the rest of the family. The cost of cabin reservations vary depending on specific days, with Mondays through Thursdays being the most budget-friendly.

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Who's already been to the pool this season?

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Fridays through Sundays have a slightly bumped up price, but holiday weekends are definitely the priciest, because who doesn't want to celebrate with wine and pool time. Of course, as with other places, it pays to be a member, in this case, a Wine Family Member.

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