9 Things You Didn't Know You Could Get for Free on Flights

Craving more soda? All you have to do is ask!


You already shelled out major money for a plane ticket, checking your bag and an expensive (but unsatisfying) dinner during your layover. We feel your pain, traveling isn't cheap. But not everything has to cost an arm and a leg. Here are a few things that won't cost you a single cent:

1. The full can of soda.

The next time your flight attendant gives you a cup of Coke that's mostly ice, try asking for the rest of the can. Most are happy to hand it over. Or, if the plane is low on beverages, they might offer to come by and refill your cup again. Either way, you'll get more to sip on.

2. A sanitizing wipe.

Your fellow passenger's germs are no joke. Hey, there's a reason people get sick after traveling. But if getting a cold is not an option in your life right now, ask an attendant if they have a you can use on your armrest, tray table and more before settling in for the ride. 

3. A baby-sitting break.

Even parents have to use the bathroom sometimes. So if you're flying alone with your child and have to use the loo, most are more than willing to watch your baby while your run to the back for a few minutes. Heck, they might even enjoy the adorable break!

4. A cockpit tour.

Timing is everything with this perk: It's best to ask after a flight (you know, when pilots aren't working). That's then they have downtime and are more likely to let you check out their home away from home.

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5. Hot chocolate.

When it comes to warm and cozy drinks, your options aren't always limited to coffee and tea. Some airlines offer hot cocoa, which can serve as a reward for your kids for playing quietly or as a treat for yourself if you're craving something sweet. 

6. First-aid items.

Have a blister? Ask your attendant for a band-aid. They have all the on board and some airlines can even give out pain relievers if you have a headache and forgot your bottle of ibuprofen at home.

7. A wing pin for kids.

One way to turn your kiddo's frown upside down on a long flight? Ask the flight attendant if they give out these . The "gift" is sure to make your child feel special — and hopefully happy for the rest of the flight. 

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8. Bottles of water.

Maybe you don't want to have to rush through drinking a glass of water. Or maybe you just want to avoid airline tap water. Either way, most airlines have  in the back they can give out when asked.

9. Extra snacks. 

If your stomach is still grumbling after your first bag of , it doesn't hurt to ask your attendant for a second. If there are leftovers after all the passengers have been served, they'll usually share the wealth.

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