These Gelato Roses Are Taking Over Instagram

They're *almost* too pretty to eat.

What a time to be alive. Men are with pints of ice cream in the grocery store, is turning Twinkies and Ding Dongs into frozen treats and nimble-fingered geniuses are shaping gelato into roses. Yes. ROSES. The lickable flowers come courtesy of , a Paris-born chain of gelato shops that would really prefer to be known as gelato boutiques. We'll let the tagline slide in the name of true artistry and Parisian flair.

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To make the roses, Amorino employees fill cones with a tall, skinny scoop of gelato. Then, using a flat ice cream scoop, they scrape petals from a full tub of gelato and wrap them around the original scoop. Instead of a cherry on top, you can get a tiny, gelato-filled macaron. It sounds simple enough, but the method takes employees three weeks of training, and not every ice cream scooper with dreams of becoming a gelato rose-maker gets the job. After all, there's about a 100% probability that it's going to show up on Instagram.

Amorino's been making these beauties in Europe since 2002 and created some buzz back in 2011 when they opened their first U.S. location in New York City. (They're now up to 15.) Australia's getting in on the trend too. People in Sydney are flocking to , an artisan gelato store that's going viral for its own gorgeous gelato flowers — as customers are finding it almost impossible not to post a 'gram.

The shop is located in Sydney's Central Business District and has sold 1,500 of these gelato flowers so far. They offer 24 flavors on a daily basis, but there are 96 different flavors total, so the possibilities for a colorful and delicious gelato flower are (nearly) endless.

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