Stop Scrubbing Grimy Pans With This Hands-Free Trick

A laundry room staple really helps out come dishwashing time (go figure).

For many of us, the worst part of cooking is the cleanup that follows. Dealing with stuck-on grease and burned bits on your is not a fun chore.

But this clever trick changes everything, and really reduces the amount you need to scrub — all you need is a !

All you need to do is put your dirty pot or pan at the bottom of the sink and fill it with warm water and some dish soap. Throw in a dryer sheet or two and wait an hour, and you're done.

The grime will come right off of your pans with , if any. If you don't need the dishes to be clean right away, leave the dryer sheet in the pot or pan overnight, and it will work even better by the morning.

This little kitchen trick could save you tons of elbow grease. You can thank us later.


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