This Shark Pool Float Is What Your Summer Party Needs

*Cues Jaws theme*

Getting eaten alive by this shark pool float was never so fun!
Eaten Alive Shark Pool Float

When it comes to a fear of sharks, there are two types of people: those who run from their fears and those who face them. This pool float is definitely for those in the second category, because nothing says you scoff at your shark phobia than diving right into the jaws of this inflatable megalodon! Complete with menacing eyes and fins on one side and giant teeth on the other, this shark float was made for all kinds of Instagrammable fun.

There’s a hole in the lower jaw, so you can set your butt right into the shark’s mouth, or you can pop your head out of its center, using it like a flotation ring.


You could also lie sideways and pretend it’s about to bite you in half. But if you just want to chill, there’s a convenient cup holder in one fin, so you can pop a drink right in. The float measures about 60" x 47" x 40" when fully inflated, so it’s the perfect size for large kids or other tasty, snack-size humans. Chomp!

If you prefer to tame the shark, rodeo-style, there’s also this inflatable Great White you can hop on for a ride. And don’t forget to check out other fun floats, like the unicorn rocker (yes, it’s a rocker on water!), or our roundup of the 13 coolest floats of the season.

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