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Pumpkin patch
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Judging by all of the pumpkins lining grocery stores, farm stands, and front porches, it's officially the appropriate time to get picking. Because, after all, there's no time like the present to hunt down the great pumpkin to make your porch feel festive. No matter what the weather is like near you—85 degrees and sunny? Who cares! It's happening.

helped us find the perfect orchard for you to spend your autumn weekends (that is, if you're not hitting up one of the best wineries). Using their review site to identify businesses with a significant number of reviews mentioning the word "pumpkin," they were able to rank the best pumpkin patch in every state. You'll want to add them all to your bucket list ASAP.

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Alabama: Bennett Farms
Bennett Farms Pumpkin Patch
Bennett Farms

"Bennett Farms is one of the highlights of fall for me year after year...For the kids, there is a hay ride, hay maze, corn pit (like a ball pit but filled with corn), a petting zoo, and lots of little games. For the adults there's food, live music, homemade pork rinds, and a locally-made product shop where you can buy soaps, food, handmade items, gourds, pumpkins, the list keeps going." - Shelby B.

Alaska: Reindeer Farm
Alaska Pumpkin Patch
Reindeer Farm

"This place has to be on your list if you're visiting the area. It's beautifully maintained and has a lot of history. It's been in the same family for several generations." - L.A.W.

Arizona: Historic Hitchin' Post Stables
Arizona Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Historic Hitchin' Post Stables

"Great experience. We came from Phoenix to escape the heat and find a pumpkin patch. We came on a Monday so a bit quiet around the pumpkin patch, but we saw it was a stable and decided to go for a ride." - Danielle D.

Arkansas: Bo Brook Farms
Arkansas Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Teena Y.

"Such a nice farm! Great place for family fun close to the holiday season. Beautiful pumpkin patch and such friendly folks. Recommend it for the whole family or a sweet date. You'll leave with a smile, like we did." - Ada S.

California: Jack Creek Farms
California Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Mandy E.

"Great place to pick a different looking pumpkin or gourd in the fall." - Holly G.

Colorado: Rock Creek Farm
Colorado Pumpkin Patch
Jen A.

"This pumpkin patch knows what they're doing, even having local police handle traffic duties on the busy weekends leading up to Halloween. I like that you can drive out to pick the pumpkins you want within their fields, even cutting them off the stalk yourself." - Vince M.

Connecticut: Plasko's Farm
Connecticut Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Plasko's Farm

"This place is great any time of the year. One of the really great times is when they have a gazillion pumpkins out. That's in October. You have to visit." - Richard C.

Delaware: Fifer Orchards
Delaware Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Leah K.

"Really good place to pick-up a prime pumpkin in the fall, too. Staff are friendly and helpful, and we like this place." - Bob H.

Florida: Mr. Jack O' Lanterns Pumpkins
Florida Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Mr. Jack O' Lanterns Pumpkins

"I had a blast there! There was a lot to do and there was a baby goat! It also had a lot of great pumpkins! I can't wait to come back for the Christmas trees!" - Ashley D.

Georgia: Yule Forest Hwy 155
Georgia Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Kathleen M.

"This place is the real deal. Pumpkins-a-plenty, and that means you can get the beautiful round or oblong orange ones, or even the green, yellow, and white bumpy gourd-types. All kinds of pumpkins. A true pumpkin patch." - Lindy F.

Hawaii: Aloun Farms
Hawaii Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Michael M.

"They have tons of pumpkins. Any kind of pumpkin you want... You can get a nice sized jack-o-lantern pumpkin for $5." - Kira C.

Idaho: Jordan’s Pumpkin Patch & Christmas Tree Lot
Idaho Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Jordan R.

"Such a wonderful pumpkin patch!...It's completely fenced, and full of pumpkins, with a small hay-bale maze, a couple chickens, a goat and a pig...We will definitely come back here next year!" - Jennifer L.

Illinois: Kroll's Fall Harvest Farm
Illinois Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Francis R.

"The area where they have the pumpkins laid out reminds me of something out of a fall Hallmark movie. If you go closer to dusk it makes it even more enchanting with the string lights that illuminate the rows of pumpkins." - Cathryn W.

Indiana: Tuttle Orchards
Indiana Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Ivi K.

"They have a great pumpkin patch with tons of options. The pricing is fair and you can get some great fall decorations for your home. This is a must visit every year for me." - Sara B.

Iowa: Colony Pumpkin Patch
Iowa Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Christye G.

"They have a very large pumpkin patch. I would go earlier in the season. Great place!" - Allison C.

Kansas: Meadowlark Farm
Kansas Pumpkin Patch
Meadowlark Farm

"If you like supporting local businesses like we do, then I would strongly suggest making a trip out to visit this farm. They have fresh fruits and vegetables to buy, and seasonal apples and peaches that you can pick straight from the tree, as well as hard ciders...We look forward to visiting again in the fall for the apples and pumpkins!" - Nate A.

Kentucky: Eckert's-Boyd Orchard
Kentucky Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Alex C.

"Overall, this was a super-fun activity for all ages and very affordable. Everyone had a great time and I would definitely come back in the future!" - Chrissy L.

Louisiana: Mrs. Heather's Strawberry Patch
Louisiana Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Sammi D.

"I freakin' love this place! I've been for pumpkin season and strawberry season and it's just so much fun for young kids...Plenty of picnic tables to eat lunch and rest in the shade, you can do unlimited activities all day, and you don't pay anything extra. It's awesome." - Sammi D.

Maine: Wolfe's Neck Farm
Maine Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Joanna R.

"Tractor rides, pumpkin patches, face painting, live music, lots of animals, mazes, and locally supplied food from smoothies, wood fired pizza to a couple of local food trucks." - Chris H.

Maryland: Homestead Farm
Maryland Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Priscilla T.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE Homestead Farm...Always a treat at Halloween (one of the best pumpkin patches ever, anywhere) and well-stocked marketplace featuring the farm's produce pre-picked and packaged, along with other treats (honey, cake and biscuit mixes, apple cider when in season, etc)." - Ann C.

Massachusetts: Ioka Valley Farm
Massachusetts Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Abuci S.

"I like the pumpkin patch there. We had so much fun. I really recommend this wonderful place for families." - Abuci S.

Michigan: Pond Hill Farm
Michigan Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Chad P.

"There's something for everyone at Pond Hill. Kudos to the Spencer family for creating a special place for all to enjoy!" - Debbie E.

Minnesota: Knapton's
Minnesota Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Kelly W.

"Stopped here for pumpkins this year since my regular pumpkin place was out of stock for the year already. I was very happy with Knapton's! They have a very large selection of carving and ornamental pumpkins, gourds, corn, et cetera." - Melanie B.

Mississippi: Lazy Acres
Mississippi Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Sweet O.

"Really nice atmosphere. There are farm animals (donkey, calf, chickens, turkey, pig), a bouncy thing (for adults and kids), a hayride to the pumpkin patch, live entertainment (illusionist, piglet race), a little choo-choo train ride for kids. Looking forward to seeing it close to Christmas when everything is lit up." - Ali N.

Missouri: Weston Red Barn Farm
Missouri Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Matt E.

"This place is breathtaking and the staff is friendly. Come here to pick apples and pumpkins, and you won't be disappointed. The prices are reasonable, and the memories are priceless." - Shawn D.

Montana: J&K Farms
Montana Pumpkin Patch
J&K FarmsFacebook

"Had a blast! Good prices for a family outing. Pumpkin patch, kids barrel train, hay rides, corn maze, and lots of fun for all!" - Miranda G.

*Note: Yelp was unable to pull data for Montana pumpkin patches, instead we pulled from this .

Nebraska: Vala's Pumpkin Patch
Nebraska Pumpkin Patch
Vala's Pumpkin Patch

"You take a tractor up to it and find the perfect ones. There [are] miles of pumpkins to choose from." - Chelsea S.

Nevada: Andelin Family Farm
Nevada Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Andelin Family Farm

"We could have stayed there all day! Feeding the animals was my favorite part, and riding the little train ride was my toddler's favorite!" - Ashley H.

New Hampshire: Coppal House Farm
New Hampshire Pumpkin Patch
Coppal House Farm

"You can pet the horses and sheep, see the chickens and hens, or take a stroll through their pumpkin patch. I highly recommend!" - Tiara W.

New Jersey: Stokes Farm
New Jersey Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Jason O.

"We love this place SO much!!! We came on a sunny Sunday and found it to be absolutely charming. It's a small place to be sure...The Great Pumpkin would approve." - Kelli C.

New Mexico: Galloping Grace Youth Ranch Pumpkin Patch
New Mexico Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Howie K.

"The Best Pumpkin Patch. Easy to find. Inexpensive. Plenty of fun activities for kids. Lots of pumpkins to pick from. It was very enjoyable." - Avram L.

New York: Stakey's Pumpkin Farm
New York Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Minique D.

"We LOVE it here. The pumpkin field is so large, and there are so many varieties of pumpkins that it's impossible to leave disappointed. We love that you are able to pick your own pumpkins right off the vine, true authentic pumpkin-picking at its finest!" - Christine D.

North Carolina: Hawk’s Pumpkin Patch
North Carolina Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Stephanie A.

"They have an ample variety of pumpkins and photo opportunities...I will be back next year to get my pumpkin, and maybe a pumpkin pie." - Barrie P.

North Dakota: Lil Bitz Pumpkin Patch
North Dakota Pumpkin Patch
Lil Bitz Pumpkin PatchFacebook

"Such a fun place! I was worried that it would be mostly for little kids, but it's a blast for adults too. We spent all day there and had the best time!" - HK T

*Note: Yelp was unable to pull data for North Dakota pumpkin patches, instead we pulled from this .

Ohio: Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery
Ohio Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Penny P.

"You can't miss this place—a unique experience indeed. Staff were friendly and helpful. The selection of baked goods and produce was terrific...Highly recommend!" - Penny P.

Oklahoma: Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch
Oklahoma Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Jenny O.

"This place was AWESOME! They had hay rides,pony rides ($6), feed the animals ($1), rope and tire swings, huge corn maze, wooden castles for kids to play, hay to jump on, a little shop to get some home made jellies, and a pumpkin you could pick out to take home on your way out." - Krista H.

Oregon: Growers Outlet
Oregon Pumpkin Patch
Growers Outlet

"I love this place! I seriously don't buy fruits or vegetables anywhere else. They also have things like cider, honey, and a pumpkin brownie cake that is super yummy (and probably seasonal). Anyway, prices here are unbeatable, and the produce is great." - Danielle S.

Pennsylvania: Milky Way Farm
Pennsylvania Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Frank S.

"Great family experience! Go and see the animals, have some delicious ice cream, pick pumpkins, and do a hay ride!" - Donna A.

Rhode Island: Barden Orchards
Rhode Island Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Ashley P.

"The pumpkins were great. A huge variety to pick from both size and color. Got a ton of them and didn't break the bank. You can either go out and pick them yourself in the fields or they have a bunch at the main building." - Shawn A.

South Carolina: Lever Farms
South Carolina Pumpkin Patch
Lever FarmsFacebook

"It was difficult to choose which to pick because all the pumpkins had such a nice color and were in great condition. I liked being able to actually pick your pumpkin from the vine." - Melanie M.

South Dakota: Spearfish Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch
South Dakota Pumpkin Patch
Spearfish Corn Maze & Pumpkin PatcchFacebook

"Excellent experience: food, activities, games for kids, fun, fair prices." - Jennifer Peterson

*Note: Yelp was unable to pull data for South Dakota pumpkin patches, instead we pulled from this .

Tennessee: Gentry's Farm
Tennessee Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Melissa D.

"Wow, what a wonderful afternoon we spent picking our own pumpkins, taking a wagon ride through the farm, and discovering all kinds of cool kid-friendly areas." - Liz B.

Texas: Hall's Pumpkin Farm
Texas Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Amy Y.

"We have been coming here yearly for 4 years now, ever since our son was born. Quite the event, tons of cute photo opps, hay rides and corn maze (for extra fee), a little petting zoo (well, if you can reach them through the fence—haha—with chickens and goats mostly), kettle corn, corn dogs, hot dogs and more for sale. They also sell hay bales, corn stalks, and a variety of different types of pumpkins, of course!" - Ericka C.

Utah: Crazy Corn Maze and Pumpkins
Utah Pumpkin Patch
Crazy Corn MazeFacebook

"We went again this year and we got 6 LARGE pumpkins for $20. Total weight was 100 lbs ($0.20 a pound). There were so many perfect pumpkins to choose from." - E.S.

Vermont: Douglas Orchard & Cider Mill
Vermont Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Sarah M.

"The best cider, cider donuts, strawberries, and pumpkins in all of VT! Friendly staff, fun place, delicious food. A Shoreham institution!" - Wyatt T.

Virginia: Belmont Berry & Pumpkin Farm
Virginia Pumpkin Patch
Belmont Pumpkin Farm

"Overall, it was a great experience. The pumpkins were adequate, the sunflowers were beautiful, and the staff was friendly." - Hayley M.

Washington: Schuh Farms
Washington Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Sheri J.

"Loved our experience at Schuh Farms this year. We visited for the first time to get our fall pumpkins. The place is adorable, easy to find and they have great prices. You are able to pick your own, they have a great selection of not only the regular run-of-the-mill carving pumpkins but also a wide variety of different more decorative ones as well." - Heather B.

West Virginia: Orrs Farm Market
West Virginia Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Stephen L.

"This time of the season there are seriously the most beautiful pumpkins and so many different kinds of apples. Definitely a place to visit any time of the season." - Emily B.

Wisconsin: Pearce's Farm Stand
Wisconsin Pumpkin Patch
Yelp/Pearce's Farm Stand

"We can't wait to participate! Bonfires, Halloween fun, fancy pumpkins for decor (blue, white, crazy growths) and pumpkins for kids to carve for Halloween. AND fancy gourds, not expensive." - Chrissy P.

Wyoming: Green Acres Corn Maze
Wyoming Pumpkin Patch
Green Acres Corn MazeFacebook

"Love this place! We come every year. Corn pit, hay cart, animal tire swings, petting zoo, giant jumping bubble, apple shooting, playground, tractor rides, and mazes!" - Tiffany R.

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