13 Times "I Love Lucy" Totally Understood Us All

The show's moments are truly timeless — and these photos prove it.

I Love Lucy Scenes

If you're a hardcore I Love Lucy fan, you've probably scoured Instagram and Facebook for the funniest photos and quotes from the show. There's one resource, however that stands out from the rest — and we highly suggest you start following now.

The [link target='_blank' href='https://www..com/ilovelucyscenes/' link_updater_label='external']I Love Lucy Scenes

Instagram account compiles the most heartwarming, hilarious, and timeless moments from the show — and takes a comedic approach to making them especially meaningful for today's world. Here are some of our favorite posts so you can see what we mean (and get ready to LOL):
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1 When you know you look that good.

Can this be me this rest of the summer...please? 😂👌🏻❤️ - Episode: The Fashion Show 👗 #ilovelucy

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

Lucy was never afraid to be confident — and we should all channel that impulse.

2 When you're ready to make a run for it.

You wanna? 😏😂❤️ - Episode: Lucy's Mother-in-Law #ilovelucy

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

Because sometimes a little getaway seems like the only remedy for a bad day.

3 When you just want the weekend to get here already!

If you ever wondered who made this very poopular edit that even many celebrities have posted...it was me! If you would scroll back a lot you'd find it there! ❤️🎉 But, @misslucillee and I are thinking about making shirts with this design on it, or you can pick any of the other ones! If you look on her account, her last picture is a poll so you can vote! I made edits 2,4,and 5 :) and she made 1 and 3! So please take a sec to vote so we can make those shirts available to you! Ps. My favorite one is the Lucy and coffee one 😂💕☕️! Thank you and have a nice day! #ilovelucy

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Espeically on Wednesday.

4 When you're not totally sure where the time went.

Haha! Them Flashback Fridays! 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈 – Picture from the Episode: Staten Island Ferry #ilovelucy - Have a super great Friday! 🎉

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

Don't worry — at least you and your gal pals will age (gracefully) together.

5 When you kinda wish you were famous.

I have Ethel's mood right now 😒😂! Have you ever had Ethel's mood? - Episode: The Charm School 💋 #ilovelucy

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

But a true friend (like good ol' Ethel) will always be there to remind you that you're great the way you are.

6 When you've got a secret.

You know who you are, 😂 gossiping to your friends lol! - Picture from the Episode: Lucy Does a TV commercial #ilovelucy - Have a great rest of your day! ❤️

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

Though today, we'd be texting furiously instead of tying up the landline.

7 When the barista gets your order wrong.

Haha she's so adorable! 😂❤️👌🏻 - Episode: Lucy meets Charles Boyer #ilovelucy

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

You call that a latte?

8 When you and your partner in crime get together.

😂😂😂 Yep! Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz) was that friend! 🎉Still celebrating Vivian Vance's 70 yrs of life! We miss her, but thanks to TV we still can see lots of her most memorable moments! She helped America's favorite redhead get in all sorts of messes. She didn't care if she got caught in a mess, as long as it was with her very best friend 💕 Okay, she sometimes cared, but still 😂! - Pictures from Episode: The Tour #iloveethel

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

Doing silly things just wouldn't be the same without 'em.

9 When you've reached a moment of acceptance.

Lucy: I like bony knees 😂 - Episode: Lucy is Envious 😒😝 #ilovelucy

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

We feel you, Lucy.

10 When you're tempted by that last cookie.

Yes, Ethel. Mine too.🍕🍟🍩🍰 From the episode, "The Diet!" #ilovelucy

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

Eating is hardly the worst hobby one can have.

11 When you're just not a morning person.

Ugh 😩 not a morning person! I don't like doing much at 5,6, or 7 am 😝 - This is from the episode, "Fan Magazine Interview!" #ilovelucy

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If Lucy had a snooze button, you know she'd be smacking it all the time.

12 When you're simply in love.

Mark your calendars! Lucy and Desi's 75th wedding anniversary is in 26 days! 😍😭💕 #desilu - Episode: Lucy is Enceinte #ilovelucy

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

No snark here — we still love this on-screen pair (and hope we look this cute, too!).

13 When you're gonna be you, no matter what.

😂😂😂😛😛😛😍😍😍 #ilovelucy, don't you?!

A post shared by I Love Lucy ❤ (@ilovelucyscenes) on

Case in point: Lucy. Forever.

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