10 Surprising Things You Can Score for Free at Disneyland

The park has tons of giveaways — if you know where to look.


While it may be the "Happiest Place on Earth," is definitely not the cheapest place on earth. The theme park can run about $500 to $1,000 per day for most visitors, according to travel site . To get the most value out of your trip, study up on on all the hidden perks.


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1 Recipe Cards

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The — famous for its tropical Dole Whips — hands out several pineapple recipes inspired by the neighboring Enchanted Tiki Room. Foodies can also venture over to City Hall for the how-to's behind many of the park's famous dishes.

2 Architecture Tour

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Inspired by the the turn-of the-century Arts and Crafts movement, the provides open to the public. Don't miss the hidden Mickey painting!

3 Replacement Balloons

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As long as you bring back the remnants of the popped balloon, you can pick out a new inflatable for free.

4 On-Ride Photos

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While not available on every ride, at you can email your snapshot (and more importantly your point total) so you can skip paying for an expensive print-out.

5 Jedi Training


Attention, fanatics. It's easier than ever to battle Darth Vader. Instead of the previously random selection, you can now register kids for the show in the morning and return at a scheduled time later on. New Jedis get to dress up in robes, fight a fake battle, and earn a certificate stating they finished "training."

6 Boudin Bread Slices

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In the Pacific Wharf, stop by the for a quick snack. The bakery hands out sourdough samples to hungry visitors.

7 Popcorn Samples

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Still feeling peckish? Many of the food stands will let you try flavors before committing. And it's not a bad idea to taste dill pickle popcorn before buying a large bucket.

8 Celebration Buttons

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Birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries, and just about any other occasion earns its own pin. Just stop by the Guest Relations kiosk or almost any store for the festive flair.

9 Buffet Dining for Toddlers

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Tots under the age of 3 can eat for free at any of the parks' buffet restaurants, like . More Mickey-shaped waffles, please!

10 Newspapers

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Stay informed with an (albeit fake) four-page periodical: the Buena Vista Street Bugle. On the racks near the , read up on events in the 1920s-inspired fictional town.

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