11 Things That Prove Kate Middleton Is Just Like Us

Wait until you hear about her DIY present for the Queen.

Kate Middleton

Even though the Duchess of Cambridge is royalty, it doesn't mean she's not like us. Okay, we know what you're thinking: "I don't spend Christmas with the Queen" and "My wedding wasn't televised to over 2 billion people across the world." Valid. But besides those minor details, these are all the ways she's just another girl next door.

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1 She wears bargin boat shoes when she travels.
kate middleton boat shoes

Forget the heels! Whether she's sailing in Auckland Harbor in New Zealand or on a safari at Kaziranga National Park in India, you can find Kate wearing Sebago's taupe and white Bala boat shoes. The best part? They .

2 She uses a $13 hairbrush.
kate middleton hair

It's called the and according to Kate Middleton's hairdresser, Richard Ward, it's responsible for her soft, flowing hair.

3 She gave Queen Elizabeth a homemade Christmas gift.
Kate Middleton with Queen Elizabeth

Talk about an intimidating person to shop for, right? Maybe that's why Kate chose to make the Queen her granny's the first Christmas she spent at Sandringham with the royal family. Don't worry, the Queen served it the very next day so we think it's safe to say it went over well.

4 She's not afraid to re-wear outfits.
kate middleton lace dress

In fact, this is clearly one of her favorites, since she's worn it to three different public events.

5 She shops at Zara Home.
kate middleton apartment

And Anthropologie, which gives us hope that some day we can live in as stylish of a home as she does. We even think the velvet pillow she leaned against when she chatted with Michelle Obama (okay, so that's not so relatable) is from Zara.

6 She admits she's not the best cook.
kate middleton cooking

While attending a gala in support of in June, she admitted she has a flaw: She can't cook! "William has to put up with my cooking most of the time," she told the chefs and .

7 She knows all kids throw tantrums sometimes.
Kate Middleton and George

Yes, even royal toddlers at a super cool air show might throw a or two (and that's okay). We have a feeling her ability to stay collected helps Prince George calm down even faster.

8 She's worn the same boots for a decade.
kate middleton boots

Why try to fix something that's not broken? Kate loves her that are handmade from a Spanish vegetable-dyed leather so much that she hasn't stopped wearing them for ten years.

9 She wears earrings you can find for $8.
kate middleton earrings

Sure, her custom Annoushka pearls with Kiki McDonough hoops are a little pricy, but you can look just like her when you buy this strikingly similar pair that !

10 She sometimes wears leggings as pants.
Kate Middleton leggings

There was no greater win for than when Kate was spotted shopping in a pair of Lululemon's stretchy legwear.

11 She doesn't worry about the little things.

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Like the fact that was missing one of her shoes in their family Christmas photos this past year. And we're glad she doesn't, because we think this handsome foursome looks quite fantastic and, most importantly, happy.

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