Everything You Need for a Perfect Spring Outing

#5 is definitely a must-have!

the check list flower market essentials
Shanna Shipin / Country Living

The sights, the , the selection! A trip to the wholesale flower market can feel like a front-of-the-line pass to the best of nature’s bounty , but especially . Here’s everything you need to make your next trip a success!

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1 Lively Floral Keds
Courtesy of Keds


Cash is king at the flower market—but the second most important thing? Being comfortable! Keep your feet happy as you hop from shop to shop, in classic Keds adorned with .

2 Cut Flower Garden Book
cut flower garden book
Courtesy of Amazon


Reading up before your adventure will help you stay focused among bucketloads of blossoms. In , florist-farmer Erin Benzakein narrows the field so you can peruse with a purpose.

3 Extra Large Woven Tote
extra large woven tote
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


As you stroll run up and down the aisles, safeguard your stems with a low-maintenance woven bag. This one is extra long to ensure your blooms don't get bent out of place!

4 Ello Campy Travel Mug
ello campy travel mug
Courtesy of Amazon


Flower market veterans know that the best stems are snatched up before most people are even out of bed. Make getting to the market in the wee hours of the morning easier with a bright and blushing cup of joe.

5 Bee My Honey Hat
bee my honey hat
Courtesy of Nordstrom


Tip your (straw) hat to the that make your spring blossoms bountiful with this too-cute hat. Sure, many flower meccas are indoors, but if you didn't with a photo of yourself in a playful sun hat on Instagram, did you really go to the flower market?

6 Striped Dog Leash
colorful dog leash
Courtesy of Gap


When dog-friendly (and not too crowded), the flower market can be a sensory extravaganza for your pup. Put a spring in Fido’s step with a colorful striped leash and match your best bud to your, well...buds!

7 Round Tortoise Sunglasses
tortoise sunglasses
Courtesy of


Depending on how early you arrive, you may be driving a truck-load of flowers away as the sun rises. Throw oversized sunnies on and hit the road looking (and smelling) unbe-leaf-ably good.

8 Supergoop! Setting Mist
supergoop sunscreen
Courtesy of Sephora


The hustle and bustle of a busy flower market can make you break out in a sweat. Spray an even layer of this beauty guru-approved facial mist to refresh, reset, and keep on pluckin'.

9 Cotton Garden Bandana
cotton garden bandana
Courtesy of Terrain


Wherever you tie it off—around your bag, hair, or neck—this bandana doesn't compromise utility or comfort for flowering beauty. Wear it as you your buds in the garden post-trip.

10 Perfect Rain Jacket
perfect rain jacket
Courtesy of J.Crew


Spring brings rain, but even if showers aren't in the forecast, bringing a jacket isn't a bad idea. Heat makes flowers wilt, so indoor shops will be kept in cooler conditions to keep their bunches healthy, happy, and bright.

11 Radio Flyer Wagon
radio flyer wagon
Courtesy of Hayneedle


Whether you're towing kids or a garden's worth of flowers, a light and durable wagon can help share the luscious load! Try the —this spruced up edition offers a smooth ride thanks to brawny tires and easy steering.

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