13 Times "I Love Lucy" Totally Understood Us All

The show's moments are truly timeless — and these photos prove it.

I Love Lucy Scenes

If you're a hardcore I Love Lucy fan, you've probably scoured Instagram and Facebook for the funniest photos and quotes from the show. There's one resource, however that stands out from the rest — and we highly suggest you start following now.

The [link target='_blank' href='https://www..com/ilovelucyscenes/' link_updater_label='external']I Love Lucy Scenes

Instagram account compiles the most heartwarming, hilarious, and timeless moments from the show — and takes a comedic approach to making them especially meaningful for today's world. Here are some of our favorite posts so you can see what we mean (and get ready to LOL):
1 When you know you look that good.

Lucy was never afraid to be confident — and we should all channel that impulse.

2 When you're ready to make a run for it.

Because sometimes a little getaway seems like the only remedy for a bad day.

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3 When you just want the weekend to get here already!

Espeically on Wednesday.

4 When you're not totally sure where the time went.

Don't worry — at least you and your will age (gracefully) together.

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5 When you kinda wish you were famous.

But a true friend (like ) will always be there to remind you that you're great the way you are.

6 When you've got a secret.

Though today, we'd be texting furiously instead of tying up the landline.

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7 When the barista gets your order wrong.

You call that a latte?

8 When you and your partner in crime get together.

Doing silly things just wouldn't be the same without 'em.

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9 When you've reached a moment of acceptance.

We feel you, Lucy.

10 When you're tempted by that last cookie.

Eating is hardly the worst hobby one can have.

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11 When you're just not a morning person.

If Lucy had a snooze button, you know she'd be smacking it all the time.

12 When you're simply in love.

No snark here — we still love this on-screen pair (and hope we look this cute, too!).

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13 When you're gonna be you, no matter what.

Case in point: Lucy. Forever.

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