Kids + Pets

HGTV Star Leanne Ford is Finally a Mama!

The meaning behind it will make you tear up.

See the cutest dogs, cats, and kids and find out how to make family-friendly homes.
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Dog sleeping on bed against windows at home
These Are The Most Pet-Friendly Plants For Your Home

And the ones you should avoid at all costs!

DoggieLawn Is A New Litter Box For Dogs

It's a monthly or even weekly subscription to a patch of real grass.

26 Cool Kids' Rooms You'll Wish Were Yours

How old is too old for a chalkboard wall? Asking for a friend.

How to prepare a safe and healthy baby nursery
12 Totally Adorable (And Actually Chic) Ways To Decorate Your Baby's Nursery

You're going to have many late nights in this room, so it needs to look cute.

Noise-Canceling Doghouse Makes Loud Sounds More Bearable
This Noise-Canceling Doghouse Makes Scary Sounds More Bearable

This high-tech kennel creates a safe haven from loud fireworks and thunder. Can we get it in human size, too?

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How to prepare a safe and healthy baby nursery
6 Nursery-Decorating Mistakes To Avoid For Your Baby’s Health

We’re not just talking cheesy motivational posters here.

Christmas gifts under tree
Studies Show That Having Fewer Toys Brings Kids More Joy

Now how do I break this to my family before Christmas?

Fishs Eddy Has A Pet Portrait Artist-In-Residence

Paint me like one of your French girls.

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