Everything We Know About Ina Garten's Kitchen

Surprisingly, there are a lot of ideas you can steal.

Ina Garten's latest abode is a Park Avenue pied-à-terre. The pre-war apartment has a recently renovated kitchen that the listing calls "perfect for an enthusiastic cook," so naturally we were curious about what exactly the Barefoot Contessa values in kitchens. Here are our findings:

1. The Location

Her main kitchen, where she films Barefoot Contessa, is in a barn on her property in East Hampton, New York.

ina garten kitchen
Simon Upton

2. The Appliances

She uses top-of-the-line appliances. The barn kitchen is outfitted with a Viking range, Sub-Zero refrigerators, Bosch dishwasher and a KitchenAid mixer.

ina garten kitchen appliances
Simon Upton

3. The Pantry

There is a surprisingly simple pantry.

ina garten kitchen pantry
Simon Upton

4. The Cutlery

Garten recommends "a good set of sharp knives by Wüsthof, including a chef's knife, a paring knife, a slicing knife and a bread knife."

ina garten kitchen knives

5. The Pots

All-Clad pots are also on her list.

ina garten kitchen pots

6. The Furnishings

Her stools are by Robert Stilin, and the faucet is from Waterworks.

ina garten kitchen furnishings
Simon Upton

7. The Dutch Oven

For Dutch ovens, she prefers Le Creuset.

ina garten kitchen dutch ovens
Williams Sonoma

8. The Countertops

Her countertops, including the 18-foot-long counter where she stores her bakeware, are made from Belgian stone.

ina garten kitchen countertops
Simon Upton

9. The Table

She serves her culinary creations on an antique Swiss pine dinner table.

ina garten kitchen table
Simon Upton

To read Garten's full checklist of what every kitchen needs, click here.

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