IKEA Can HELP Your Relationship — Not Ruin It

That tricky-to-assemble furniture is a tool in one expert's couples counseling.
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Rumor has it that stepping foot into an IKEA . But did you know putting that LACK table together might help your relationship — if you do it with a therapist's guidance? Dr. Ramani Darvasula, a psychology professor at California State University Los Angeles and San Diego couples counselor, uses IKEA furniture to assess her clients' communication and collaboration skills.

"When you work with a couple, we talk this big game about communication, collaboration, and respect, but it's often hard to build that into a task, especially one that's manageable," Dr. Darvasula told . "Furniture assembly is a metaphor for what we need to be able to do in a relationship."

If you can put together a desk without devolving into a screaming match — or can at least learn to do so — that speaks good things for your relationship.

Just make sure to stay away from their entertainment system, which Dr. Darvasula calls a "divorcemaker."

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