10 Super Fun IKEA Hacks for Your Kid's Bedroom

We'll admit it: These ideas are more for you than them, but they're cute!


We'll admit it: These ideas are more for you than them, but they're cute!

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Petit & Small
Corral Books on Clouds

Sometimes it's the little details that make all the difference, like these wooden clouds on the front of floating shelves. Suddenly, all of your children's books have a home — and a totally adorable one at that.

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Rain on the Roof
Show Off Dress-Up Clothes

Why should your daughter's princess outfit get stuffed into a drawer, turning it into a wrinkled mess? Transform an IKEA BILLY Bookcase into a bright blue wardrobe with space for clothes and accessories instead.

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Ikea Hackers
Make Bunk Beds Even Cooler

The KURA Bunk Bed is a super simple piece of furniture — meaning it's the perfect canvas for a crafty DIY creation. In this case, a wooden topper makes the top bunk feel like a private little house (hopefully, your kid will invite you over!).

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Little Lovely
Try Some Creative Shelving

Lacking a closet in the nursery? Well, since baby clothes and accessories are so lightweight,you can just add a rail under a floating shelf to create a makeshift hanger for onesies.

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The DIY Village
Give Your Kiddo a DIY Dollhouse

The best thing about your kid's elaborate imagination? You can transform a bookshelf (in this case, IKEA's BILLY model) into a dollhouse that they'll be totally smitten with. Line each section with different paper to make them feel like individual rooms.

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Centsational Girl
Keep a Lid on LEGOs

Don't let your kid's colorful block toys take over their floor space. Instead, use IKEA's LACK Coffee Table to make a LEGO command center, complete with bins organized by color and a street on top.

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Kylie M. Interiors
Push Books on a Cute Cart

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: is super handy in every single room — and your kid's space is no exception. The baby blue color makes this an adorable, moveable book organizer.

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How Joyful
Make Story Time More Colorful

Add seating and storage at the same time by transforming a plain white bookshelf into a bench complete with green numbered cubbies that offer tons of space for toys or books.

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Piper + Poppies
Trade Spices for Dress Storage

If you flip one of IKEA's spice racks over, you can use the bottom to hold accessories like a shelf and use the bottom to hold hangers with your little one's most adorable outfits.

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Paddington Way
Get Creative With Chalk Paint

You can let your kid enjoy unsupervised coloring when you coat the top of their table with chalk paint, since that white stuff won't ruin your walls or carpet. Just make sure you teach them how to wipe it off when they're ready to draw something new.

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